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In six days we are saying goodbye to the next year and we are asking ourselves again: where has the time gone? To reflect exactly on your year again, take a little time and review the last twelve months. Here you can find out why you should do this and what you get out of it.

2019 is drawing to a close and at the end of the year some are starting to ponder how the year went. Take some time for yourself and look back exactly on your year. On the one hand, you can remember all the beautiful moments and on the other hand, the annual review helps you what you want to change in the future and how you can develop yourself personally.

We have tips for you on how you can reflect on 2019 for yourself. 


Review of different areas of life

When you look back on your year, take each month from January to December individually and reflect on it. If you need a little help with the memory, then you can peek through your photos and look into your chat history. This will help your memory get going again. You can also turn up your favorite playlist loudly. Have a few special songs made or shaped some of your experiences? Even so, you will certainly be able to remember some situations that you did not have on your screen at first.

For your review, take a look at these areas:

  • personality development
  • Health and body
  • Social contacts
  • Job and finances
  • Hobbies and free time

You probably think to yourself first: Phew, what should I write there? I don't know now! You don't have to fill out everything at once and you can do the rest if you have thought of something. But don't write anything to fill the pages. After all, you want to productively reflect on your year and shouldn't just have a nice memory at the end. Your annual review of the past year will also help you with how you start the next year.

But first we concentrate fully on the past, before we draw our conclusions and start the new year with motivation. We will now give you a few impulses, what you can write down, for example, and explain to you what you can imagine under these points.


personality development

Here you can think about what you have learned about yourself this month, in which areas you have developed or what motivated and driven you. At this point, you can write, for example, that you were less angry, lived more attentively or took some further training. You may also have had a great idea that you were able to realize or are still planning to do.


Health and body

How was your well-being during the year? Don't just think about your physical health, but also your mental health. What made you happy or proud? On the one hand, you can write down here that you felt very fit and vital, for example, or document your achievements and successes, such as that you ran x kilometers for the first time, achieved your highest number of steps, or lost or lost x kilograms. have increased.


Social contacts

With social contacts you can write down which person was especially important to you, supported you, gave you energy or with whom you experienced something beautiful. This can be someone from your family, a friend or your partner. But maybe a complete stranger has paid you a nice compliment that you are proud of. If the person is someone from your circle of acquaintances, do not just write the name there, but also short bullet points about this great moment or where the person helped you.


Job and finances

Did you start a new job or get a promotion this year? Congratulation! But also appreciate the little things that have happened to you in your professional career. Did you give a good talk, successfully complete a project or contribute to another success? Perhaps you work in the social sector, for example, and have helped a person get well again or were able to motivate them to do something. Or are you studying and got a good grade for an exam?

What have you done in particular with the money you have earned? Was it a great event that you attended or a restaurant where you ate really well? When we think of finances, it is usually associated with something negative and we complain about high costs. But see it positively. What could you achieve with it? Try to remember how you felt when you had a positive experience.


Hobbies and free time

There are all sorts of hobbies and leisure opportunities. Which experience in this area of ​​life do you remember particularly positively and why? Are you in a club and your team won a match? Did you go on a nice trip or just had a particularly great evening with a good chat with a friend?


The annual review brings you that

Now why all this? The annual review helps you to concentrate on your positive experiences and successes and supports you in a positive mood in your life. Sometimes negative events stay in our head for so long that we get angry about something for weeks. With the positive things in life, the feeling usually fades faster. If you bring your beautiful experiences back into your consciousness and are grateful for them, this increases your well-being and you also look more positive and motivated into the future.

The annual review is about concentrating on the good things that you have experienced. Show you these things exactly and make the positive things visible for you. At the end, you will see which picture is formed in your individual areas of life and in which direction your life has developed.


Not everything is rosy: look back at the less successful things

Of course, there are also things in our lives that probably didn't go so well. You may even have had a tough time. Also write these things down on a separate piece of paper. What things were you very angry about? Why did you get annoyed about it? In retrospect, what was unnecessary because you might have taken it too personally?

In a second step you write on another piece of paper what you can do better and what you want to change - nothing has to be impossible. It is well known that everyone is forge their own happiness. A positive attitude is the first path to improvement. Often we set ourselves a limit with negative thoughts and prevent ourselves from moving forward.


Review: End the year with rituals

You can then introduce a little ritual at the end of the year. Take the note with your negative experiences and things that bother you. You can then burn or tear this piece of paper, for example. This can help you to free yourself from the negative things, to let go and to make room for new and positive thoughts or projects.

You should of course keep the positive things from your annual review. You can put the notes in an envelope or keep them somewhere else. If at some point you find yourself talking badly or not feeling well, you can pull out your notes and cheer yourself up.



With the intensive examination of your annual review you can close negative things and leave them behind and say goodbye to the next year with a good feeling by focusing on the positive in your life. You have experienced great things, you have been able to experience success and even if it did not always go well, you have gained insights and learned a lot and now you know what you can do better in the next year and what you can work on. You can be proud of all of this, you don't have to have invented a cure for cancer. Be grateful for everything that happened in your year and look back with a smile on 2019 and look forward to what is to come.