Sex for Biohackers: Tips for a Better Love Life

Sex for Biohackers: Tips for a Better Love Life

On the one hand, biohacking affects all areas of your life - on the other hand, you can become an even better biohacker with sex. In this article you will learn why and how an orgasm can get you into a state of flow.

Sex is one of the most beautiful (secondary) things in the world. To experience how the energy increases immeasurably and then literally explodes in your body is a unique feeling that we want to experience again and again. As a biohacker, you naturally wonder what sex has to do with biohacking. After all, you want to optimize your body and improve your performance with biohacking. A healthy sex life can be of great help to you. Sex is much more than an orgasm. It can put you in a trance-like state that can have a positive effect on your health and your mental and physical performance - if you use it as a biohacker for yourself.


Biohacking and sex: why the combo is perfect

When you are a biohacker, you try to continuously develop yourself to reach a higher level. You not only want to perform better mentally and be more concentrated and focused in everyday life - you also want to get the best out of your body.

With the help of biohacking you can optimize every area of ​​your life - regardless of whether it is about your job, your studies or training. As a biohacker, you are always looking for the optimum - there are no half measures with you.

Did you know that sex can help you get better into the flow? However, there is more to it than "just" experiencing an orgasm. Biohackers dive a little deeper into their love life. Admittedly, it is very difficult to describe an orgasm in words. You have to experience it to find out what feeling it triggers in you. But how do orgasm and biohacking fit together?

In fact, as a biohacker, you can benefit from an orgasm - if you look at it from the perspective of a biohacker. Don't worry: you don't have to go to bed with a heart rate monitor and questionnaire. With that you would probably banish not only any romance, but also your partner from your bedroom.

What we mean is that you see sex not just as something that is fun, but as something that can positively affect your life as a biohacker. You will now find out why orgasm is of particular interest to biohackers.

What exactly is an orgasm?

The orgasm is one of the most beautiful experiences - if not the most beautiful experience - that a person can experience. The exact mechanisms that go along with climax have been researched, but you don't automatically deal with them when you sleep with someone. After all, sex should be fun - a scientific treatise is not really welcome. But what exactly is an orgasm?

By definition, an orgasm (from the Greek orgãn: burst, swell, glow with the desire for love, intense desire) denotes the climax of sexual arousal followed by deep relaxation.

Usually (but not always) we can achieve orgasm by rhythmically stimulating certain parts of the body, with the stimulation focusing on individual sensory receptors.

You probably know the feeling of consciously experiencing the orgasm on the one hand, but on the other hand you feel completely high. According to sources, an orgasm can actually be equated with an altered state of consciousness. After all, an unbelievable number of processes take place in our brain that should be of particular interest to biohackers.

Once we are sexually aroused, our brains run at full speed. The so-called limbic system, which is responsible for our instinctual behavior and the processing of emotions, is particularly active. More precisely, the amygdala (almond kernel) and the hypothalamus are addressed - two components of the limbic system that control the feeling of emotions and the release of hormones.

Since many human emotions are processed in the amygdala, we know exactly what we like and what we don't. We usually associate something positive with sex. No matter when or where you had your last orgasm, you just know it was great.

Mainly hormones are released in the hypothalamus. In particular sex hormones and the cuddle hormone Oxytocinthat the hypothalamus releases with the slightest touch.

In addition, other messenger substances are involved, which play a major role both in increasing arousal and in an orgasm. These include the neurotransmitters and happiness hormones dopamine, Norepinephrine and serotonin as well as other hormones, especially androgens (testosterone) and endogenous opioids.

Like yours Increase serotonin levels and yours Increase testosterone levels you can also find out in the Academy. But what does sex have to do with biohacking and why can it expand your consciousness? We are now clarifying these and more questions.


Why orgasm can expand your consciousness

If we tell you now that you can stimulate your brain with sex in a similar way as with meditation, you will probably look a little incredulous. However, one study has already dealt extensively with this theory. This study came to the conclusion that an orgasm is to be equated with a (sexual) trance.1

An orgasm is a trance-like state that otherwise comes about through intensive meditations, prayers or through the ingestion of psychoactive substances. Trance-like states are not new. In many cultures (for example in Daosimus and Tantra) they have always been introduced by rhythmic movements, chants, breathing and music. Sex and sexual practices are also seen here as particularly important for gaining health and mental clarity. Here is a small example of Mantak Chia and a Taoist practice:

Sigmund Freud has repeatedly demonstrated in the past that orgasm itself is accorded a deeper meaning in psychology and philosophy, which goes far beyond reproduction. Even in the animal kingdom, sexual interactions begin with courtship behavior. This courtship behavior can also be observed in humans when movements, voice signals and subtle stimuli are consciously used to draw the partner's attention to you.

Music, breathing and rhythm also play a major role in sexual arousal in order to intensify the trance-like state and experience it more consciously. This is also the essence that you can use for yourself as a biohacker. Because: Even during sex you can be in the flow as a biohacker if you know how to use the rhythm correctly, for example by switching between several rhythms and consciously bringing about the time of the change.

The ability to create rhythmic patterns and switch between multiple rhythms can immensely influence and enrich the quality of an orgasm. Especially if you can maintain the rhythmic pattern and the trance-like state over a longer period of time.

The state of being in the flow was first described by the psychologist and scientist Mihály Csíkszentmihályi. The classic flow experience describes a state that, if the conditions are right, can change into a hypnotic or ecstatic trance.

There are even many scientists who generally understand flow as a trance when people literally want to get absorbed in their current activity and want to stay in this state of happiness.

Most of the time, flow is associated with a job when you are at your peak because you love what you do very much. In the same way, the flow, which you can perceive and enjoy with all your senses, can also be transferred to your sex life, which literally puts you in a trance and overwhelms you with feelings of happiness.

For Mihály Csíkszentmihályi there are six factors that describe a characteristic flow state:2

  • 1. Intense concentration
  • 2. Body and mind interaction (action and awareness)
  • 3. Loss of reflected self-confidence
  • 4. A sense of control or a change in situation or activity
  • 5. A distortion of the time sequence
  • 6. The activity and the experience associated with it

Most of the factors just mentioned describe the experiences of orgasm associated with sexual rhythms very well. If trance-like states induced by rhythms can put you in a creative frenzy and a feeling of bliss, you should definitely have more sex as a biohacker. Because since the article on the Growth Mindset, we have known that we can get significantly better in all areas of our life with practice and dedication.

How good and intense your orgasm is depends solely on the stimulation and the type of rhythm. As soon as you are in the flow and excel in your creative frenzy, you will be able to achieve an even better trance state, an even more explosive orgasm and an even deeper feeling of relaxation.

Although the targeted stimulation of the genitals is considered particularly satisfactory, a classic trance model can also be transferred to other activities that can also be very stimulating. Kissing, dancing, intimate conversations, and the mere touch of the skin can put us in a trance-like state that is comparable to sex.


Benefits of having many orgasms: what does Sex for you as a biohacker?

In a review, psychologist Stuart Brody tried to understand the benefits that orgasms have on us and our health.3 In his study, Stuart Brody found that orgasms can have positive effects on both our health and our psyche. He summarized correlation studies and cited the results in his work. However, these were mostly orgasms that were experienced with a sexual partner.

Orgasms brought about by masturbation had a less positive effect, as they cannot influence health and psyche quite as well.

These are the advantages orgasms can have for your psyche:

  • improved mental health (satisfaction)
  • Improving the quality of relationships
  • higher emotional awareness and better togetherness
  • mental maturity
  • The risk of depression and suicides decreases
  • more happiness and satisfaction


These are the benefits orgasms can have for your health:

  • Higher life expectancy
  • better mobility (fewer problems with muscles, joints and bones)
  • lower body fat percentage
  • better heart rate (optimization of blood pressure)
  • lower blood pressure when inactive
  • lower blood pressure during stress (stress-resistant)
  • better physical performance
  • improved testosterone levels
  • higher dopamine levels in the nucleus accumbens ("reward system" of the brain)

In order to be healthy and productive in the long term, it takes a little more than an orgasm. A healthy diet and lifestyle, healthy sleep, adequate relaxation and exercise play just as important a role. Nonetheless, orgasms can improve your performance, making you feel more fit both mentally and physically.

Aphrodisiacs: How to Increase Your Sexual Performance

Did you know that natural aphrodisiacs can help you get better into the flow and enjoy the trance-like state longer? As a biohacker, you want to improve on all levels - sexually as well, of course.

In addition to a healthy diet, natural aphrodisiacs can contribute to better sexual performance, so that you can delay and intensify the orgasm. Don't worry: Fortunately, you don't need blue pills from the pharmacy - natural aphrodisiacs are also available in (almost) every kitchen.


Cocoa extract

Erectile dysfunction can be a problem. The most common cause is poor blood circulation, which may be caused by low nitrogen levels. Permanent erectile dysfunction naturally requires a medical examination, but the flavonoids (phytochemicals) in cocoa can help to increase the nitrogen level. In this way the blood circulation can be improved.



Maca (Lepidium meyenii) - also known as Peruvian ginseng - is an ancient medicinal plant that is mainly native to the high altitudes of the Peruvian Andes. The plant, which belongs to the cruciferous family, has been cultivated there for over 2.000 years.

The roots of the 20 centimeter high plant, which can be white, yellow, pink or red, are particularly interesting. They are said to have an aphrodisiac effect from which men and women can benefit equally.

Maca apparently contributes to an increase in sexual excitability, which is why many biohackers take the dried extract, which is commercially available as a powder or capsules, as a dietary supplement. The fact that maca can also increase the number of sperm cells is another positive side effect of the root.56


Eurycoma Longifolia Jack

Herbs known under the name Tongkat Ali, Longjack or Malaysian Ginseng are generally referred to as Eurycoma Longifolia Jack. Just like Maca, the plants are characterized by their aphrodisiac properties. Both sexes could benefit from this effect, although the plants may have a better effect on men than on women. 

Similar to Maca, Eurycoma Longifolia Jack should not only be able to increase sexual excitability - the aphrodisiac plants should also contribute to an increase in sperm production.



If you, as a biohacker, are looking for new ways to improve your health, well-being and performance, you should take a closer look at your sex life. A healthy sex life can help you to get better into the flow state so that you can increase your mental and physical performance. In addition to a healthy diet, exercise, relaxation and a healthy sleep, sex is one of the best ways to improve yourself as a biohacker on all levels and to be more focused in everyday life.




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