Mood enhancer L-tryptophan

L-tryptophan: effect, application and dosage of the natural mood enhancer

L-tryptophan is extremely important for your well-being. Once our tryptophan levels are low, our mood suffers. We will show you how you can use the natural mood enhancer in everyday life.

Stress, insomnia and an unhealthy diet can all affect your Strongly affect tryptophan levels and thus negatively affect your mind.

To support your body in supplying it, you can, for example, use foods with this ingredient. In addition, the amino acid offers a number of health benefits. Most of them result from the possible increase in niacin (vitamin B3) and therefore serotonin.


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What is L-tryptophan?

L-tryptophan is one proteinogenic amino acid and is one of the most important protein building blocks in the human body. These cannot be formed in the body itself, which is why you have to get them through diet or supplements. Along with phenylalanine, tyrosine and histidine, it is one of the aromatic amino acids.

While many other protein building blocks have a protein content of approx. 5% (leucine even 9%), the amount is important L-Tryptophan only available in very small quantities. This amino acid is similar to cysteine one of the twenty protein building blocks that are only found in very small quantities in our food.

But how does our body get enough L-tryptophan? Our Diet has to be very varied in order to get enough of it. Dietary supplements have proven to be very helpful in raising tryptophan levels.



What effects does L-tryptophan have on the body?

Tryptophan (Trp) – α-amino-β-indolylpropionic acid with chemical molecular formula C11H12N2O2 – is a neutral L-shaped amino acid with a genetic code. Due to the β-indolyl side chain, L-tryptophan belongs to the Group of aromatic amino acids and is lipophilic, i.e. H. you is poorly soluble in water.

Although this amino acid is poorly present in proteins, it appears of great importance for our metabolism and other functions of the body to be. So it forms important intermediate products in the biochemical metabolism.

With acidic protein hydrolysis, however, the amino acid is completely destroyed. Only free L-tryptophan is available for metabolism. In the plasma this is only a meager 15%. The rest (85%) is linked to serum albumin.

Since it is not soluble at a physiological pH, the amino acid can only be transported with the help of albumin3-10% of the available amount will increase the neurotransmitter and happiness hormone Serotonin, the sleep hormone melatonin and converted to N-acetylserotonin. With that, L-tryptophan has one Influence on our sleep-wake cycle.


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But small amounts of trace amines such as tryptamine and dimethyltryptamine also arise from it. Although one cannot say exactly what physiological importance they have, they are believed to be involved in the distribution and conversion of monoamines.

Special receptors in the brain, mainly in the area of ​​the almond kernel, specialize in recognizing these trace amines. Most of it is metabolized by kynurenine. Kynurenine is a breakdown product of L-tryptophan. This is an incomplete oxidation in the liver, which also leads to the formation of the coenzyme nicotinami adenine dinucleotide (NAD).

The glucocorticoid level in the blood activates tryptophan-2,3-dioxygenase and thus opens the pyrrole ring of L-tryptophan. N-formyl-kynurenine is produced. The body's own hormones control the conversion process of proteins:

  • Insulin blocks the breakdown, promotes protein synthesis in the tissue (mainly in the muscles)
  • Glucagon decreases the plasma concentration of amino acids that are needed for the liver to produce glucose
  • Cortisol ensures the breakdown (proteolysis) and discharge from the muscles, thereby increasing the plasma concentration



    Do you already know BRIGHT MOOD Capsules? It contains the Serotonin precursors L-tryptophan and 5-HTP, which are required for serotonin production. 


    How does L-tryptophan cross the blood-brain barrier?

    Long chain neutral amino acids all require the same thing Transport systemto cross the blood-brain barrier. This system is controlled by insulin. That explains why after consuming protein-rich foods that contain a lot of the building block L-tryptophan, the plasma and tryptophan levels increase rapidly.

    However, absorption in the brain is only improved through meals that are rich in carbohydrates. Only then can L-tryptophan cross the blood-brain barrier without competition from other amino acids happens because it is the only amino acid not absorbed by the muscles.

    As soon as you allow a longer period of time to pass after the last exposure and eat a protein-rich meal again, you achieve a similar effect.


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    This explains the sleep-promoting effect of lactalbumin (cow's milk protein). Increased fat intake can also increase the level of L-tryptophan. The ratio of free and albumin-bound L-tryptophan also plays a major role.

    This can be influenced by

    • intense sporting activities
    • the activation of the sympathetic nervous system
    • the mobilization of the body's own fat deposits to increase the concentration of free fatty acids

    The conversion of L-tryptophan takes place via the intermediate products 5-hydroxytryptophan (5-HTP) to 5-hydroxytryptamine (5-HT / serotonin) instead. This is a feel-good and happiness hormone that makes us happier. 1

    The effects the precursor L-tryptophan and 5-HTP, known under the name Oxitripan, are the same. The difference lies in the metabolism. The transformation of the preliminary stage 5-HTP in serotonin is more effectiveso that you need less of it in contrast.


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    How does the amino acid control body functions?

    The happiness hormone Serotonin affects the cardiovascular system by regulating the tension in blood vessels. It is in the lining of the gastrointestinal tract and regulates your appetite and your desire to eat. Therefore, tryptophan levels can be balanced Cravings prevent.

    In the central nervous system, the neurotransmitter serotonin can be detected as a messenger substance in the nerve cells (neurons) whose cell bodies are located in the raphe nuclei of the brain stem. From there all regions of the brain are influenced.

    The Sleep and wake rhythms are controlled as well as the sensation of pain or mood. Because tryptophan & sleep are related, the amino acid becomes also used for the sleep-promoting treatment of jet lag.

    Neurophysiologists have recognized that low serotonin levels can trigger depression.2 It can also cause anxiety and aggressive behavior. Only when there is enough L-tryptophan in the body can the brain with the help of natural mood Make serotonin and Increase serotonin levels.


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    A study by the Neurobehavioral Research Laboratory in San Antonio, Texas found that one L-tryptophan deficiency is responsible for mental and physical illnesses as well as sleep disorders in their subjects. It was also found that tryptophan can help treat nighttime sleep disorders.

    With the increased formation of serotonin and the increase in serotonin levels In humans, the body's own secretion of the sleep hormone melatonin formed in the pineal gland can be stimulated.

    The improved sleep quality at night not only reduced the occurrence of mood swings - the increased formation of serotonin could also contribute to a reduction in stress through the restful night.



    As soon as you continuously consume the essential amino acid with food, you can regulate your sleep rhythm naturally and prevent a tryptophan deficiency and the associated sleep disorders.

    After dark, the blood-brain barrier can be crossed even better and ensure that the pineal gland produces the hormone melatonin, which is necessary for healthy sleep.

    If you start your day well rested, you can increase your tryptophan level as well as your mental performance and promote healthy sleep.

    If you have more Support for a good night's sleep we can provide you with our sleep aid DEEP SLEEP with melatonin recommend that the Shortened sleep time. You can find out more information here.


    Advantages: How you can increase your performance with L-Tryptophan

    As soon as you increase your tryptophan level in the body, the serotonin that is formed not only takes care of good mood - it also ensures that Impulsive behavior and moods disappear and fears and depression are blocked. Depressive phases can also be resolved by taking in the amino acids.

    With the help of the amino acid L-tryptophan you have noticeably more strength in everyday life. The serotonin formed from it is also the body's own appetite suppressant. So can I lose weight with L-tryptophan? An increased intake can lead to weight loss by acting as an appetite suppressant in the case of obesity. This in turn can increase your performance.


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    As a pro-vitamin, the amino acid L-tryptophan supports the processing of vitamin B3, which is necessary for many metabolic functions. A pro-vitamin is the precursor to a Vitmain. Vitamin B3, also known as niacin, is involved in the metabolism of fat, protein and carbohydrates and is therefore considered to be the most important energy supplier. Therefore, the pro-vitamin L-tryptophan can be used to improve performance, especially in sport.

    What you have to consider when taking is that the amino acid L-tryptophan only crosses the blood-brain barrier If you on an empty stomach take. The Ingestion so should first about an hour after taking L-tryptophan respectively.


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    L-Tryptophan: Food as a source of tryptophan

    L-tryptophan is an amino acid that you can find in many foods. L-tryptophan is particularly found in plant-based foodsso that vegetarians and vegans shouldn't have any problems getting enough of it.

    But who Cereals and corn preferred, is quickly disappointed. These foods are common in the diet, however do not contain L-tryptophan. The following recommended foods are better.

    Foods containing tryptophan:

    • Potatoes and beets
    • Legumes and soybeans
    • Rice, wheat germ and oatmeal
    • Nuts, seeds and cashew nuts
    • Radish and radish
    • Endive and spinach
    • Fennel and dandelion
    • Bananas and dates

    For example, 100 grams of soybeans contain 590 milligrams of L-tryptophan, cashew nuts 293 mg, while peas contain 266 mg. Oat flakes are already well below 200 mg per 100 grams. They contain 183 mg L-tryptophan, walnuts only 170 mg. Unpeeled rice provides around 100 mg. At only about 50 mg, corn flour does not contain very much tryptophan.

    Did you know that 100 grams of cocoa powder contains almost 300 mg of L-tryptophan? So it's not surprising if you instinctively reach for chocolate when you're in a bad mood to make up for a deficiency.

    But be careful: it is the amount of L-tryptophan in food that is still chemically bound. In contrast to dietary supplements, the body can only absorb part of the specified amount of the micronutrient.


    Bananas are considered to contain tryptophan


    You can not only consciously influence your tryptophan level through your diet, but also balance with the help of food. Using this route of synthesis, we take in an average of 0,5 grams to 1 gram of L-tryptophan from normal mixed food.3 Provided that you do not use industrially manufactured foods.

    The amino acid L-tryptophan is always bound to proteins in food. That is why it is mainly found in protein foods.

    The best suppliers for L-tryptophan are:

    • Chicken eggs
    • Pork
    • cheese,
    • Fish
    • Beans
    • Nuts
    • Together

    It is assumed that a healthy adult ingests approximately 3,5 mg to 6 mg L-tryptophan per kilogram of body weight with food. However, it is also believed that there are significant individual variations in the daily dose requirement.


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    L-tryptophan deficiency: what are the causes?

    In people who suffer from gastrointestinal disorders, liver damage and other diseases, a deficiency can occur despite increased intake.

    The  persistent stress is via tryptophan-2,3-dioxygenase (TDO) L-tryptophan degraded. Cytokines and inflammation markers activate the enzyme indolamine-2,3-dioxygenase (IDO), which is also responsible for the breakdown of L-tryptophan and a related deficiency provides.

    The body's own regulatory mechanisms prevent tissue damage or create an environment that can ward off pathogens.

    Even if athletes have an increased need for the amino acid L-tryptophan, they should not take more than a daily dose of 3 grams of L-tryptophan. Too high a dosage of L-tryptophan can

    • fatigue trigger
    • Cause muscle pain and
    • Cause changes in blood count.

    A Too little vitamin B6 and magnesium reduces the activity of the enzyme tryptophan hydroxylase, which is involved in serotonin synthesis. Caffeine also inhibits activity. This means that regular coffee consumption can prevent or reduce the production of the happiness hormone serotonin.

    Who else did not sleep well or fall asleep can, under one bad mood and lack of concentration or a decreased memory performance suffers, can also have a tryptophan deficiency.4 Amino acids can help with sleep disorders, as an insufficient supply of the essential amino acids trypotphan and GABA are to blame. Can also be a increased excretion of amino acids in combination with skin diseases indicate an insufficient supply.



    How can I compensate for a deficiency in L-tryptophan?

    The The body can increase intake of a balanced mixture of protein building blocks and enzymes in a chain reaction the body's own Produce enough L-tryptophan again.

    You can increase your well-being through the targeted intake of the mood enhancer L-tryptophan. Capsules that contain the amino acid L-tryptophan in a higher concentration are very effective. L-tryptophan is taken in the morning or in the evening - ideally on an empty stomach.

    The body needs enough L-tryptophan to develop its full potential. If a component is missing, the biochemical reactions in the body cannot achieve an optimal supply for physical and mental maximum performance and disturbances can occur.


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    L-tryptophan: side effects

    L-Tryptophan in bound form is an important part of our daily diet and therefore free from side effects. There are no known toxic effects on the human body. No data are available on possible overdose either.

    If you L-Tryptophan in the form of preparations take to you some people may also experience side effectsas

    • dizziness
    • headache
    • photosensitivity
    • low blood pressure


    L-tryptophan: dosage

    As you already know, L-tryptophan capsules should be taken on an empty stomach if possible, so that the amino acid can cross the blood-brain barrier without competing with other amino acids.

    The intake can be optimized with a drink rich in carbohydrates, for example. Fruit juices are ideal in this regard. The well-known dosage of L-tryptophan as a dietary supplement or medicine is 400 mg to 500 mg.

    The best thing to do is to discuss your optimal dosage with your doctor.


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    Overdose: is it possible to take in too much?

    In Daily dose of L-tryptophan is between 250 mg and 1500 mg. An overdose has not been observed so far. Even with daily and long-term use, there were no harmful side effects from taking L-tryptophan.

    By the way, you can not only take it as a dietary supplement Reduce stress - The amino acid L-tryptophan also contributes to one Improvement in cognitive performance at. However, it would be wrong to assume that more L-tryptophan also produces more serotonin.

    But on the contrary: Too much L-tryptophan activates the enzyme tryptophan-2,3-dioxygenase (CTDO) in the liver and ensures a breakdown of serotonin. Pharmacokinetic studies have shown that with high doses, the plasma level returned to normal after 4-6 hours. It remained unclear what happens to the breakdown products in the body.


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    Why was L-tryptophan banned in the past?

    Between 1976 and 1997 there were a few small studies with case numbers of 24 to 58 patients in which the effectiveness in the context of L-tryptophan & depression was examined. L-tryptophan was compared to tricyclic antidepressants or a combination of them.

    As a result, L-tryptophan could be used as a drug in the treatment of mild and moderate depression. It was also available over the counter in the United States as a sports nutrition and dietary supplement.

    In the 80s, Showa Denko, a Japanese company, made L-tryptophan using genetic engineering. Due to impurities, the agent probably caused the eosinophilic myalgia syndrome (EMS). This is a blood disease that was fatal in 38 cases.

    This had to As a result, preparations with a high proportion of L-tryptophan were taken off the market. In addition to many other impurities, two compounds were particularly noticeable: a tryptophan double molecule, called "Peak E", which stimulates the synthesis of collagen, and "UV Peak 5", an aniline derivative.


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    The impurities found in more recent samples of L-tryptophan and 5-HTP are labeled “Peak X”. After it was proven that the EMS syndrome was triggered exclusively by the contaminated preparations from the Japanese manufacturer, the approval was granted again in 1996.

    Partly is L-tryptophan Also sold as a mild sleeping aid and sedative because of its relaxing effect. You can use L-tryptophan Buy in pharmacies without a prescription as a film-coated tablet with 500 mg tryptophan. On the other hand, preparations with high-dose 5-hydroxytryptophan require a prescription.

    Exception exists however in the extract of the Griffonia simplicifolia plant, also known as the African black bean. The extract of the Griffonia plant is a natural source of the direct serotonin precursor 5-HTP and may be used in small amounts in dietary supplements.

    Griffonia simplicifolia seed extract as well as L-tryptophan and 5-HTP you think so too in BRIGHT MOOD for serotonin production.





    Why L-Tryptophan is a Natural Nootropic

    Nootropics are often referred to as smart drugs, neuroenhancers, neurotropics or neuroenergetics. you change the transmission of messenger substances and cause positive changes in our brain.

    Wherever the ability to think and consciousness are required, they can greatly increase mental performance, regardless of whether it is memory, mood or motivation.

    Boost nootropics

    • the perception and attention
    • memory and learning
    • the creativity and orientation
    • the planning and problem solving
    • the will and faith
    • the reasoning and imagination


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      L-tryptophan is an essential amino acid that humans cannot produce themselves and thus L-tryptophan from nutrition or in the form of preparations need to receive. The World Health Organization recommends taking it daily from 3,5 to 6 mg L-tryptophan per kilogram body weight for a healthy adult.

      Tryptophan is an essential amino acid and is necessary for making proteins and other important molecules in your body, including those that are yours Promote sleep quality and responsible for your mood are like melatonin and serotonin. Stress, sleep problems and an unhealthy diet can all affect your Strongly affect L-tryptophan levels.

      L-tryptophan needs vitamin B3 and vitamin B6 as well as carbohydrates to convert it into serotonin / melatonin. Serotonin influences your mood, cognition and behavior, while melatonin influences the sleep-wake cycle. A deficiency in tryptophan can therefore lower serotonin and melatonin levelswhich leads to adverse effects.

      If you take capsules with tryptophan, side effects such as headaches and dizziness can occur if the dosage is too high. Always consult your doctor about taking it.


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