Move or die: How Ido Portal is revolutionizing the fitness world

Move or die: How Ido Portal is revolutionizing the fitness world

Sport helps us to reach our full potential. Unfortunately, most sports consist of limited movement sequences that train the body on one side. Ido Portals Movement Culture deals with this contradiction so that you can use your full movement potential to the full and thereby achieve better mental and physical performance.

Our body is a remarkably complex organism that allows us to perform many different movements. Our body is designed for a variety of movements like hardly any other living being in the world. To meet this urge for exercise in a modern world, sport has become almost a duty for us if we are serious about health and wellbeing. A disadvantage that all sports have in common is that they do not fully exploit the diversity of our movement patterns. Instead of moving the whole body and making full use of and consciously experiencing every possible movement, many sports are restricted by regulations or guidelines. This in turn means that parts of our body are neglected. The ability to get back anders To move, to exploit the full potential of movement and thus to achieve more flexibility and better performance, is the credo of Ido Portal - founder of Movement Culture. Curious? Then this article about Ido Portal might be the best for you Motivation be a biohacker!


Who is Ido Portal?

Like every other biohacker, your goal is to constantly develop yourself and to improve in many areas of your life. You learn every day to improve your mind and do sports to be and stay physically fit. Because: No matter which sport you choose: You always want to be the best version of yourself.

But at some point you will reach a point that shows you your limits. Who questions your existence. 

Ido Portal is a good example of a constantly evolving person who has seriously questioned his life several times. Even as a young person, Ido asked himself how he could improve his performance. He knew that exercise was important for health and wellbeing, but traditional sports weren't enough for him.

At the age of 15, the Haifa (Israel) born movement artist learned Capoeira - a Brazilian martial art that combines fighting, dance and acrobatics. He loved this combination, but he kept wondering how he could get better and develop physically and mentally. 

Of course we don't want to demonize traditional sports. On the contrary: Sport is very important and even of great importance for health and well-being. However, most sports are limited in their range of motion. Rules and guidelines that define the sport and distinguish it from other sports limit the variety of movement patterns.


What is the difference between movement culture and traditional sports?

Have you ever experienced the fact that you do not feel quite as physically fit, even though you do sport regularly? That you have muscle or joint pain that can be extremely persistent?

The downside of many sports is that they are far too one-sided and only target a very specific physical or muscular area. Jogging, for example, primarily addresses the cardiovascular system and the leg muscles, while bodybuilding is a rather one-sided muscle training that has little in common with complex movement sequences. A little more complex is CrossFit - a trend sport that promotes your endurance, strength and coordination. But more on that later.

The fact is: Anyone who does sport primarily wants to look good. Tons of people run to the gym every day to build their muscles and burn as much body fat as possible.

But how useful is fitness for most of us? Most of the time we approach fitness from the wrong side, appearance. We train strongly the parts of our body where we want to challenge the aesthetics. While many men neglect leg training in order to focus on the three big B's (chest, stomach, biceps), many women make their abs, legs and buttocks the focus of their workouts. For fear of looking too muscular and angular, women often neglect their upper body.

The focus should be on the functionality of the body so that it remains adaptable to any form of tasks and loads. In addition, small muscle groups that give the body stability should not be neglected.

In contrast to conventional (trend) sports, Ido Portal's Movement Culture is aimed at people who are rediscovering their bodies, who want to exploit their full potential and who want to experience movement as a creative experience.

Movement culture is a movement culture that can achieve a lot both physically and mentally. Here one also investigates the question of which complex movement sequences the human body is capable of and how the body feels when performing the movement.

What the movement culture Movement Culture from Ido Portal is aiming at and how you can develop its kind of Everyday sport you will find out now.


What is Ido Portal's Movement Culture aiming at?

Ido Portal has always been a person who literally felt “under-challenged” with conventional sports (including Capoeira) because they could not cover the full range of movements of a human body. He was obsessed with movement and the idea of ​​making movement sequences more complex and thus improving mobility. He wanted a completely new one body sensation experience and make full use of the potential for movement.

That's why he traveled the world to learn from the best acrobats, martial artists, dancers and Buddhists and to create his own style, which he calls movement culture. Movement culture is a culture of movement that combines various styles of movement, such as dancing, capoeira, gymnastics, martial arts and parkour, in an impressive way and combines them with relaxation and meditation.

This perfect combination moves, stretches and strengthens the body in its entirety, so that mobility, strength and fitness are improved in equal measure.

Ido Portal quickly gained attention with its Movement Culture when he worked with Irish mixed martial arts fighter Connor McGregor in 2015 to support him in his training and to identify new movement patterns. Conor McGregor proved that training with Ido Portal had a quick effect on December 12th with a win against then world champion José Aldo.

In the meantime, Ido Portal's philosophy and movement culture have reached every continent and filled them with pure enthusiasm. Find out more about the advantages of the culture of exercise!


What are the advantages of Ido Portal's Movement Culture?

Ido Portal believes that the human body is made for a wide variety of movements that stress every single muscle and joint. So that there is no monotony during training, the movement sequences should constantly change and develop in order to establish a connection between the body and the mind.

Because: Only when we understand why we are making this or every movement, how it feels at this moment and what it does, do we really live. Movement is life and should therefore not be artificially integrated into everyday life, but actually lived.

The variety of movements in Ido Portal's Movement Culture comes about through a constant combination of parcour, breakdance, capoeira, mixed martial arts and climbing, which result in more flexibility, better coordination and an improvement in strength and endurance. There are no limits and every sport can be included.

Ido Portal has always focused on the best in its development: Sugar Ray, Diego Maradonna and Rickson Gracie - members of a legendary Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu family. Even today, Ido Portal continues to educate itself like a biohacker in order to consistently expand and improve its repertoire of different movement patterns.

Those who immerse themselves in the movement culture of Ido Portal are often confronted with the term Shoshin (初 心). It comes from Zen Buddhism and is often translated as “first visit” or “mind of the beginner” and is intended to remind participants never to see themselves as masters and thus always be open to new things. Only those who are open and always on the lookout for new challenges can (like a biohacker) develop continuously.

The movement culture - the combination of different sports and styles - brings every participant - and you - many advantages. We have already addressed some of the advantages in this article, but the greatest advantage is an improvement in cognitive performance.

Because: By creating and studying new sequences of movements and consciously perceiving the movement and position of body parts in space, you are addressing not only your body, but also your brain. A positive effect that should be of particular interest to you as a biohacker!


How you can integrate the movement culture into your everyday life

The fact is: Sport, no matter what kind of sport, has a positive effect on your well-being and your physical and cognitive performance. The more we move, the better we feel. Perhaps the following tips can help you to integrate the movement culture into your everyday life and thereby feel a little better every day.


1. Move a little more!

If your training is no longer enough for you, you feel unbalanced or feel pain, the movement culture could be the best concept for you to improve your physical performance. Do it like Ido Portal, who once said that we much more should move because we were made for it. One-sided postures, such as long standing and sitting, are poison for our body because they not only strain your muscles and joints, but also your spine.


2. Exercise - but as varied as possible!

Stupid movements are no challenge for your body. Your body is an anatomical wonder that needs to be encouraged and challenged so that there is no monotony. Your body works like your brain: If the input is missing, performance falls by the wayside.

Therefore, you should try to move as much and as often as possible every day. Shovel some time free and put together a training plan that includes as many different exercises as possible. Dance, bend over, crawl like a small child on the floor, climb a climbing wall, conquer a parcour or balance on a banister!

Slacklining - balancing on a stretched rubber band - can be of great help here. It's not just fun - the trend sport appeals to almost every muscle in your body and at the same time promotes coordination and balance.

Let your imagination run wild and use Ido Portal's Movement Culture as inspiration for your own training plan, which you can vary and change on a daily basis. Don't be afraid to try something new either. This is extremely useful to not only challenge your body, but also your brain. Use your full movement potential and savor every movement. The most important thing is that you have fun. As soon as the motivation is lacking, you should try something new.

Another tip: have you ever tried to use your fists as a tennis racket? Playing a tennis ball against the wall can be a great way to loosen up if you sit a lot during the day. Afterwards you not only feel looser and more relaxed, but also much more alert.


3. More functionality - less aesthetics

Simple pumping was yesterday - according to the Ido Portal, more functionality is required today. Use your body in its entirety instead of training individual muscle groups. For example, pushups - whether on both arms or one arm - are better than bench presses with a barbell. The more complex the exercises are, the more muscles and joints they appeal to. Don't worry: the aesthetics will come naturally.


4. Movement, stretching & relaxation: the perfect combination

It's not just about training. There should always be a healthy balance of movement, stretching, and relaxation to give the body what it really needs. By crouching for a few seconds during the day, for example, you can optimally stretch your pelvic muscles, which are heavily used while sitting and are usually shortened.

Another exercise that is extremely important for Ido Portal is hanging on a horizontal bar (as far as you can). By hanging your hands on a pole, you can best relax your body, especially your spine, and straighten it.


Our bonus tip:

Since probably not everyone has the opportunity to take a course at Ido Portal, CrossFit as a sport could be a good compromise to bring more movement into your life and combine it with fitness and coordination. The trend sport is considered to be the toughest work-out in the world because it is very intense and at the same time functional.

If you want to follow the Ido Portal movement culture and increase your cognitive and physical performance, CrossFit is a good compromise due to the versatility of different exercises. Various exercises are used in CrossFit, including (double) rope jumps, squats, push-ups, planks, burpees and a traditional handstand. Crossfitters sprint, climb, lift weights and literally work out in a "box".

Similar to Ido Portal's Movement Culture, CrossFit addresses cardiovascular endurance, strength endurance, strength, coordination, balance, dexterity and speed. Skills that will help you become a better biohacker. However, since the trend sport is very intense, you should also ensure sufficient relaxation.



Movement culture is a movement culture that will change your life. By using the full movement potential of your body, performing movements that you have never done before and daring to do things that were never an issue for you, you can raise your physical and cognitive performance to a new level.





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