Tips for more motivation during training

Motivation in sport: Increase your desire for training with these 8 methods

As soon as winter is over and temperatures rise again, many people who don't like sports want to start training. However, many find it difficult to bring themselves to do this, which is why they quickly throw their plans overboard. These 8 training tips will help you overcome your weaker self.

Bad weather, tiredness, stress, lack of time: there are many excuses for not having to exercise. You plan to do sports every day. You finally want to get fitter, build muscle or burn fat. Your mind seems to be motivated, but your body is fighting an invisible enemy. This enemy is your inner weaker self who thwarts your plans every day. After all, the soft sofa in your living room is far more comfortable than your sneakers. Plus, you don't feel like going to the gym after work.

The fact is: if you want to improve your fitness, lose weight or build muscle, you should exchange your old habits for new ones. You can read how to do this here.

Motivation in sport: Increase your desire for training with these 8 methods


Motivation for training: where does the weaker self come from?

What is it actually that prevents you from finally doing more Everyday sport to drift? If you have set this goal for yourself and still can't get going, you are probably wondering why you are not motivated to exercise. It's simple: it's the habit of doing nothing. Humans are creatures of habit who find it difficult to get used to new things. Change is actually difficult because we have to give something up.

Perhaps you too are one of those people who constantly aim to do more exercise. Training plans are usually forged in the New Year when the warm season begins. The fitness industry is booming, especially in spring, but the hype subsides after a few weeks. In the summer months at the latest, many fitness studios will be empty again. What starts out highly motivated soon ends in a dead end.

So what can you do to find motivation for your training again, you have two options: You can either yours Change habits or hire a personal trainer. The choice is yours - start now!


Motivation in sport: Increase your desire for training with these 8 methods


How do I find motivation for sport?

Everything starts with the idea of ​​training. What is your goal? Why do you want to start training at all and what advantages do you see in it for yourself personally?

Exercise, of course, has many health benefits. You're not just doing something positive for yours body sensation, Your physical performance, but also for your mental strength. But what exactly do you really want to achieve? For example, would you like to build muscles, gain weight or lose weight, or do you want to improve your endurance?

If you have gone inside yourself and asked yourself "What does fitness mean for me?", Then we will now take care of your motivation, if your answer to this question has not yet been able to drive you. How to motivate yourself and how to stay (!) We will tell you in the following 8 tips:

Motivation in sport: Increase your desire for training with these 8 methods 


Motivate yourself!

It doesn't have to be the daily trip to the fitness studio or the big round in the park to get in shape. As soon as we do something compulsively, we lose interest in it. It's much better to start with small steps to stay motivated. This can be, for example, ten push-ups, pull-ups or ten squats a day, which you continuously increase. Take the stairs instead of taking the elevator up or down. Or end your work day with a 10-minute walk outside.

It's the little things in life that lead you to your goal. Don't put yourself under too much pressure and make training a daily ritual. Five minutes a day is still better than a sporadic, hour-long workout that you soon give up anyway.

Motivation in sport: Increase your desire for training with these 8 methods


Motivation: Change your training environment!

A lack of motivation can also be the result of boredom. If you start to yawn at the thought of doing your workout in the musty gym around the corner or if you already know every tiny spot on your run, you should definitely change something.

A few training units in an unfamiliar environment are enough to push the training again. Switch to the gym for a few days, take a spinning class, play badminton, tennis, or squash outside. If you've always run in the park before, you could do your laps in the forest, by the lake or in the city. Just change your training environment to get motivated again.

Motivation in sport: Increase your desire for training with these 8 methods


For more motivation: Swap bad habits for good ones!

Sometimes we just have to give up our bad habits in order to live healthier. Since this is an extremely difficult undertaking, we have to trick our mind and body.

Do you love fast food? Then you should avoid the fast food restaurant around the corner by choosing a different route home. Fight against unhealthy eating and banish sugary and fatty foods from your fridge. Swap them for real power food instead of burgers, chocolate and granola bars. You don't have to become a star chef to change your eating habits. Smoothies and delicious sandwiches are quick to prepare and extremely tasty.

You can prepare the meals for the next day in the evening. Also pack your gym bag the evening before so that you can go straight to the gym after work or arrange your sports clothes in such a way that you have more motivation to start training straight away after work.

Motivation in sport: Increase your desire for training with these 8 methods


Motivation: change your training plan!

Are you unmotivated? Is your workout boring? Then just change your training plan in order for more variety in everyday training to care. Swap the exercises for new ones, for example by training with the dumbbells instead of the barbell. Make a HIIT training or train short and hard so as not to waste too much energy. Insert an endurance session that will give you more strength. A change in the training times can also help to leave the motivation hole. Don't forget to have fixed days for yours Recovery to plan.


New challenges ensure motivation!

Challenges are the key to success. Without challenges, you will hardly be able to improve and you will quickly give up training. The trick is: You have to have yours Put your goals in writingto be focused. Ask yourself what goal you want to achieve first. Do you want to reduce your body fat to look more defined? If so, how much do you want to lose? Do you want to get slimmer? If so, how many pounds do you want to lose? If you know what you want to achieve, training will be easier for you.

Motivation in sport: Increase your desire for training with these 8 methods


Motivation: change your diet!

Food containing sugar should be a thing of the past from now on. It should each meal from a protein source consist. Eggs for breakfast, salmon for lunch or a fried steak for dinner: there are many sources of protein. When things have to go fast, a protein shake provides variety.

Fresh vegetables as a side dish provide your body with essential vitamins, minerals and trace elements. On the other hand, you should reduce the consumption of sugar and sugary foods, especially grains, fruit juice and fruits, because the ingredients ruin your waistline.


Music as motivation for your training!

Music can be a great motivator. Favorite songs drive you to the highest performance in order to achieve your goals. However, the prerequisite is that it is music that you love and that you know. You should avoid slow songs during a sweaty workout, as they are more soporific than motivating.

Motivation in sport: Increase your desire for training with these 8 methods


A look in the mirror brings motivation!

If you let yourself be dissuaded from your goals again, a look in the mirror is enough to be focused again. Your reflection always shows you whether you are making progress or not. When you can see the positive effects, that drives you to keep going.

If your progress is not yet noticeable, then also remember that you will not see your weight loss or muscle gain overnight. If you still don't notice any change after a few weeks, you should consider whether your usual training needs a little overhaul.


Get reinforcements as motivation!

Many lone fighters torment themselves through training, which is why they eventually give up the sport completely. In this regard, can Training partners can be real motivators when they drive you. However, the best training partners are those who are better than you, as you can keep pushing yourself to keep up.

Motivation in sport: Increase your desire for training with these 8 methods



If you have lost the motivation to exercise or have not yet found it, the first step is of course to have the will to want to do sports (again). Then make your goals clear to yourself, why you want to change something in your fitness or your body - this should give you the first little mental motivation boost. In the next step you can then test these motivational tips - maybe this blog post will motivate you too Gone Portal.


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