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Biohacking: get your body in top shape through self-optimization

Understanding your own body in its function and improving your mental and physical performance in a targeted manner if you wish - that sounds too good to be true, doesn't it? However, biohacking does just that. Here you can find out everything about biohacking, how it works and what it can do for you!

Have you ever stumbled upon the term biohacking? Many people use it even though they don't even know what it actually means. Organic - somehow sounds like "life". And what is meant by “hacking”? When you hear that word you probably think of stealing electronic data. Not quite.

Biohackers deal with their bodies. To be more precise, biohacking with the targeted improvement of mental and physical performance to do in order to be able to give the best every day. It doesn't matter whether you work, study or play sports.

Unfortunately, many people feel far from feeling good. You suffer from Stress, Trouble sleeping, feeling tired or having problems such as Overcome listlessness to be able to. If you want to get back to top form and live stress-free or sleep well and also want more energy, you should definitely read on.


Achieve your goals with biohacking


What is biohacking?

So you can see that everyone defines the term biohacking, which by the way is not protected, differently. The basic idea of ​​biohacking, however, is always the same: Basically, it means nothing else than taking a closer look at your body, understanding how it works and using this knowledge to improve your own well-being.

Even if you're not one of them yet, biohacking has already found a lot of followers. There is even a real scene whose followers see the term as a do-it-yourself method to intervene in the functioning of the body and mind. Even if biohacking really works and should not be dismissed as nonsense, The Oxford dictionary understands something different under the term biohacking:

"The activity of using genetic material experimentally, regardless of recognized ethical standards or for criminal purposes."1

This definition throws an incredibly bad light on any biohacker. Do you know Dave Asprey? He is the most famous biohacker on the scene. He became known through his company Bulletproof and the New York Times bestseller “The Bulletproof diet ". Maybe you already have something from the Bulletheard proof coffee?


Sustainable energy with one Bulletproof coffee with BULLET of ahead


Even if the Oxford dictionary describes the term, Dave Asprey defines biohacking on his blog as follows:

Biohacking: (verb, noun) To change the environment outside of you and inside you, you have full control over your biology so that you can improve your body, your mind and your life. The art and science of the super human. "2

Admittedly: This definition is very flexible, so that it includes many people who want to change their DNA with CRISPR construction kits, while others like to drink coffee because they feel better afterwards. All of this is biohacking.


Development: where does biohacking come from?

However, the idea of ​​biohacking to increase your own performance is not new. Did you know that people Have been using certain herbs, plants and mushrooms for millennia to improve their health and performance, relieve pain or cure diseases? Now it's up to you to find out for yourself what biohacking means for you.

If humanity has always known how to optimize performance and health, the question naturally arises as to what has changed since then. In a nutshell: There is much more information today than in the past, and technology has also changed. While the ancient healing knowledge was passed on from generation to generation at that time, the World Wide Web is available to us today. Here traditional knowledge and current information and experiences come together, so that you can draw from a full pool of information and find out about the various strategies for health, fitness and well-being.


Woman on bike


The wealth of information is almost limitless - It doesn't matter whether you are looking for something about traditional Chinese medicine (e.g. Reishi), Ayurveda (e.g. Brahmi), traditional Thai medicine or Western medicine. The knowledge is accessible to everyone, so that you can apply the information at any time in self-experiment. Meanwhile, there are more and more studies that deal with the effectiveness of different healing methods.

If you want to collect even more data about your health and fitness, there are many data collection technologies available today. Oura, Apple, Fitbit, Samsung, Missfit, Microsoft and Garmin: The selection of heart rate monitors, sleep and fitness trackers is large. Fortunately, the days when only doctors used these technologies are over for good.

This data will help you take control of your health and wellbeing and watch your life change. With biohacking, you take yourself to a higher level when it comes to self-determination and health care.


Rose root plant with blood


What is biohacking good for?

If you decide to biohack, you have many advantages on your side. Biohacking not only contributes to more well-being, health, strength and fitness - it also helps you set goals and above all to achieve your life goals and milestones. By being better, fitter, more concentrated and more focused every day, you gain self-confidence and motivation.

Biohackers leave nothing to chance. In short: biohackers know their bodies very well. They know exactly what they have to do in order to master every day with flying colors, to lose weight healthily, to be more focused on work, to sleep better and to have more energy in everyday life.

Biohackers want to get the best out of their body and their life and achieve more well-being in the process. You don't wait for others - as a biohacker you become active yourself. Stagnation is a foreign word for biohackers, which is why they try many things for self-optimization without risking their lives.


What negative consequences does biohacking have and do they even exist?

Even if we haven't gone into too much detail yet, you have already got to know the positive sides of biohacking. And yet there are some negative aspects to the topic that we naturally do not want to withhold from you.

The number one criticism is certainly the huge ones Mountains of confidential data that arise from the use of modern technologies. Protecting this sensitive data that affects your health and body functions can be extremely difficult for biohackers.


Concentrated work on the laptop


Another problem is that some of the The oversupply of optimization options also like to lose track and overdo biohacking. Thus, they reduce your well-being rather than increase it. Beginners are particularly at risk of overestimating themselves. For this reason, you should get your Always have goals in mind and thoroughly check every process optimization in terms of effort and benefitinstead of getting bogged down in biohacking.

First read yourself thoroughly into the topic before you turn your life upside down. After all, self-optimization using biohacking is said to be of great benefit. Are you ready to become a biohacker? Let's start!


Self-optimization: What are the advantages of biohacking?

Biohacking offers you many options. Did you know that you can not only optimize your sleep, your fitness, your senses, your cognitive abilities and your diet? You can also use biohacking for your surroundings. See for yourself which areas you can optimize with the help of biohacking and thus gain more well-being and better mental and physical performance.




1. Biohackers sleep better

Are you one of those people who suffer from sleep problems? According to a survey by the DAK, around 80 percent of those questioned have insomnia.3

Not all sleep disorders are the same. While some lying awake for hours and in spite of the leaden heaviness cannot fall asleep, others will awake several times during the night. Those who constantly sleep poorly often suffer from it

  • chronic fatigue
  • headache
  • concentration problems
  • severe drop in performance
  • Stress


Many of those affected speak of a real level of suffering, because sleep deprivation in the long term is a drain on the nerves and increases the stress level. Unfortunately, in our fast-moving times, it is all too often overlooked that relaxation is very important to us. Many people fail to hear the symptoms that can eventually lead to burnout. They are simply unaware of their problem and the consequences of persistent sleep deprivation.


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The fact that you literally relax while sleeping is not out of thin air. You actually regenerate while you sleep. During this time you can Recharge your batteries for the next day so that you can run up again in top form. Provided, of course, that the other parameters are correct.

A healthy sleep has a positive effect on the entire organism - not only on your nerves and muscles, but also on your hormonal system (e.g. testosterone). The better you can recover at night, the better you can call up your performance the next day. Of course only if other parameters (e.g. diet) are right, which play an equally important role in biohacking. But more on that later.


How to improve your sleep

You are probably wondering how you can optimize your sleep. As a biohacker, you influence your circadian rhythm (biorhythm), which is essentially determined by the two hormones melatonin and cortisol.


circadian rhythm


This is done either through the targeted intake of melatonin or through the supply of valuable plant substances (passion flower)that can contribute to a healthy and restful sleep.

Instead of getting up tired and exhausted every morning and "surviving" the day with tons of coffee, it is best to start biohacking and sleep optimization immediately. You can get tips from us, for example, in our ultimate sleep guide, in which everything revolves around sleep and sleep optimization.

Here you can download the Download sleep guide.


2. Nutrition: Biohackers pay attention to their nutrients

When it comes to biohacking, a healthy and balanced diet is just as important as a healthy sleep. Ideally, you should be us provide essential nutrients and energy to be and stay efficient. There are now many forms of nutrition, so that today nobody really knows exactly which form is the best biohacking diet.

If you want to increase your physical and mental performance with biohacking, you have to provide your body with the nutrients it needs every day. Most people think of here first of all Macronutrients (protein, carbohydrates, fat).

But what about micronutrients, how

  • minerals
  • trace elements
  • Vitamins (e.g. B vitamins)
  • Antioxidants


fresh vegetable paleo dish


Unfortunately, micronutrients take a back seat far too often. You might be surprised at the positive effects certain nutrients have on your Wellbeing (L-Tryptophan), Memory and Stress (Reishi) to have. It is just as often neglected Vitamin D - a sun vitamin that you need not only in winter, but also in summer important for your immune system at a hunt.

If you deal with "Body & Brain Hacking", you will inevitably have to deal with different forms of nutrition and your digestive system. Depending on your goal (e.g. burning fat, getting mentally fitter), it is important to know how your body works and which nutrients it needs and when.


Forms of nutrition in biohacking

Admittedly: With the large selection of different forms of nutrition, it is not surprising that many people easily lose track of the topic of biohacking. For this reason we have put together the most important forms of nutrition for you:



Biohacking with intermittent fasting

With intermittent fasting, the choice of food plays a subordinate role. Much more important is when and how often you eat. See for yourself how you can design intermittent fasting.


Alternate-day fasting

The method is also known as Alternate-Day Modified Fasting, which you can modify at your own discretion and needs. On the one hand, you have the option of using the Limit food intake to 12 hours and fast for the next 36 hours. On the other hand, you can also eat over 24 hours and fast for an equally long period. If the 24-hour fasting period is too extreme for you, you can also opt for a lower calorie intake (around 500 calories).



With this method you reduce the calorie intake for the next 24 hours. You can do this diet either occasionally or at regular intervals (for example, 2 days a week).


couple cooks together in the kitchen


Biohacking with Paleo

When talking about nutrition, paleo as a modern form of nutrition is often mentioned in the same breath. Those who eat according to Paleo primarily use foods that were mainly available in the Stone Age. The idea behind the Paleo diet is that our digestive systems are not yet used to many foods, including grains and dairy products, which is why intolerance can often occur today.

The paleo diet consists mainly of fresh, untreated foods, such as vegetables, meat, fish, seafood, eggs, mushrooms, fruits, berries, seeds, herbs and nuts.


Biohacking with the ketogenic diet

The ketogenic diet is on everyone's lips among athletes to make the love handles disappear. But what actually characterizes the ketogenic diet?

The ketogenic diet is primarily based on proteins and fats. Carbohydrates are greatly reduced to force the body into a state of ketosis. Put simply, this means that your body is also able to produce the carbohydrates (sugar) itself. This happens with fat, which it can convert into so-called ketone bodies, which supply your brain, your organs and muscles with energy.



If you are now wondering which form of nutrition is best, we can tell you that every diet has its advantages and disadvantages. Nonetheless, some studies show that a high-carbohydrate diet might be best suited for competitive athletes to optimize performance.4, 5


Biohacking: which diet is right for me?

When you start biohacking, start small and change your diet as slowly as possible, instead of deciding on a type of diet right away. The following tips can help you:


1. Avoid artificial additives

They are - as the name suggests - artificial and should therefore not be on your menu. Take a look at the ingredients while shopping: If you don't know an ingredient, it is probably an additive.


2. Watch your micronutrients

Enrich your nutrition plan Vitamins and fiber. Vegetables and fruits are among the best sources in this regard.




3. Include healthy fats in your diet

You shouldn't do without fat, because fat is not just fat. Healthy fats, such as those found in avocados and nuts (medium chain triglycerides), are good for your body and your brain.


4. Eat mindfully and consciously

If you eat, you should focus on your meal. Far too often we just gobble up the food, watch TV, chat or do our work. By becoming aware of your meal and only eating when you are really hungry, you automatically eat less. A food diary can help you with your daily calorie intake.

Do you want to know more about nutrition? Then just have a look at our academy!


Woman doing fitness, sport and exercise


3. Sport and exercise in biohacking

“The body will become better at whatever you do, or don't do. If you don't move, your body will make you better at not moving. If you move, your body will allow more movement. " - Ido portal

Movement is essential for a biohacker. Your body is a networked organism that is constantly developing and adapting. In some ways, with biohacking, we can even help in what way it is supposed to eventually change. However, a lot of background knowledge is required here to use biohacking in a targeted manner.

If you have acquired the necessary knowledge, you can Special training programs help you to raise your health, your well-being and your athletic performance to a new level. However, to stay on the ball, you should choose a sport that suits you and your habits. Maybe our motivation strategies can help you to persevere in the long term.


4. Biohacking and regeneration

The life of a biohacker isn't just about exercise - it's about too Relaxation. Anyone who wants to perform better in everyday life also has to be able to shift down a gear at the same time in order to draw strength and charge the batteries.



Meditation has proven extremely helpful in this regard. The most important aspect of meditation is breathing. Not only does it help us relax - it can also help stabilize certain parts of the body. For example, in the event of a heavy load, either to protect yourself from injury or to relieve existing pain.

Yoga combines breathing exercises (pranayamas) and movement in order to achieve better fitness, more mindfulness and flexibility in everyday life. Yoga and meditation can therefore not only have a positive effect on your body, but also on your subjective well-being. According to studies, both can Relaxation techniques help to reduce stress, reduce inflammation and slow down the aging process.6, 7, 8

If you often feel stressed and your job demands a lot of you physically or mentally, you should incorporate relaxation techniques into your everyday life. You will of course also find out in our Academy why you can increase your performance with relaxation and why relaxation and performance are not a contradiction in terms.


Man reading for more cognition


5. Biohacking improves your cognition

Diet and the body are particularly important to many people. In principle, there is nothing wrong with that, but one aspect is often forgotten: the brain. George Bernard Shaw says: "An untrained brain is more harmful to health than an untrained body."

There is something true. That is why biohackers do not ignore the head. Because: If you want to achieve peak performance, you have to involve your brain. It can be compared to a computer in which data is constantly being transferred.

This is ensured by over 100 billion nerve cells, which can communicate with each other with the help of messenger substances known as neurotransmitters. Provided that you feed your brain the right nutrients that provide enough energy. In old age it is especially important to train the brain in order to maintain and increase memory and concentration. "Use it or lose it" is the motto here. 

Regular training can create new connections in the brain, so that brain and thinking performance are improved. Do you want to do more for your brain? Then you should try binaural beats, which can help you to improve your well-being and your ability to concentrate.


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Since the dawn of mankind, we have strived to get better and to constantly reinvent ourselves. Today we have the necessary technology and a wealth of information that make it easier for us to strive for more energy, health and performance.

Biohacking helps you to get the best out of your body and perform at its best. As a biohacker, you take over Responsibility for your body and mind and thus for your health and habits.

Due to the continuous development of modern technologies and the publication of current medical findings, better and better strategies will develop that you can use for yourself. So you take your well-being and your performance into your own hands!




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