The perfect morning routine: 11 tips for a stress-free and focused day

The perfect morning routine: 11 tips for a stress-free and focused day

Do you often have to struggle out of bed when the alarm clock goes off? Are you depressed and tired all day long like chewing gum? Do you want to be more productive and relaxed during the day? Then you should develop a new morning routine that consists of many small rituals. Here you can find out how you can get the day off to a perfect start with full energy.

Are you familiar with that? You want a successful one Start of the week lie down, but instead you force yourself in a bad mood and laboriously out of bed ... you can hardly wait for the weekend. Then rituals in a morning routine could provide a perfect start to the day. Meditation, yoga, brushing your teeth, exercise, cold shower or coffee: there are many rituals for your morning routine. They help you to bring a fixed routine into your everyday life so that you can concentrate better on your tasks and the day ahead. If the morning routine is missing, you will find it difficult to get up.

You can't get out of bed even though the alarm clock has already rung twice. You press the snooze button repeatedly to be able to sleep a few more minutes. At some point you will force yourself out of bed, sip your coffee, brush your teeth and realize with annoyance that you have covered yourself up and are very likely to be late for work. As soon as the day starts hectic, there can be no talk of a good start to the day. The stress then usually continues into the evening.


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Morning routine: the perfect start to the day

Your very personal start to the day is called the morning routine. That sounds a bit compulsive at first. If you are one of those people who like to sleep late and turn up your nose at the topic of morning routines, you will be amazed that morning rituals can change your life. You alone decide which rituals enrich your new morning routine and suit your habits or which can become your ritual. Fixed structures can be used at Stress help break down.

In principle, it does not matter which morning rituals should determine your morning and daily routine. It is only important that you absolutely have to stick to the chosen morning rituals. This is the only way they can become morning routines and facilitate the start of the day instead of slowing it down. As soon as you implement your morning routines daily, you will soon be able to feel the positive effect of your morning rituals and experience a relaxed day. Not only will you get up easier, but yours will too increase productivity. With a morning routine you will also feel better and much more relaxed and have a nice start to the day. That can give you a good one at the start of work Giving productivity boost so that you can do the first tasks in a focused and effective manner.


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Morning routine: what are the benefits?

Certain habits can especially occur in the first few hours after the Waking up can be extremely important to avoid unnecessary stress. If you don't know a fixed morning routine, the morning will start stressed and hectic. The bad mood usually continues during the day, so that you experience a veritable low mood in the afternoon that seems to get worse every day.

However, if you stick to a fixed morning routine, everything is suddenly much more relaxed from the start and you can do yours Overcome listlessness. This initially requires a little discipline, but once you have set up your personal ideal morning routine, everything runs automatically over time. For example, getting up immediately after waking up is no longer a problem. You develop more power and energy and are powerful and productive. Sounds like a perfect start, doesn't it? As soon as you integrate your personal new morning routine into your daily routine with our tips, you will feel the flow in you in the morning that will bring you forward!

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Benefits of a morning routine:

  • improve mood
  • getting out of bed easier
  • more energy throughout the day
  • higher feeling of drive
  • increased well-being
  • increased efficiency


People love habits and a morning routine helps them do it. As soon as they are integrated into your daily routine, they will inspire your day and lift your mood. Your personal morning routine will help you get up earlier in the morning and not constantly look at the clock. You will start the working day much more powerfully than before. You will be more motivated, more alert, more relaxed and more confident in the morning. You will be able to increase your well-being and your performance and make your working day a very special day and infect other people with your good mood and power.

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Morning Routine: Why Bad Habits Are Dangerous

Even if you start your day with morning rituals, it is very possible that you are sabotaging yourself. Bad habits are probably the biggest enemy of your morning rituals.

By neglecting or giving up your morning rituals, you run the risk of reviving old behaviors. Not only will you be hectic and haphazard - without a morning routine you will also waste valuable time. That's why you should Get rid of your bad habits bit by bit from your life and replace them with morning rituals.

How you design your personal morning routine is up to you. The only condition is that you practice the morning routine every morning so that it has a positive effect on your life and your everyday life and you can jump off the hamster wheel. Pulling the curtains back after waking up could already be a morning ritual. For example, you can add the following tips to your morning routine plan.

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11 tips for your morning routine

We introduce you to 11 tips that you can incorporate into your morning routine. At the beginning you should think about how you are currently starting the day. Do you have a routine at all or does your morning look rather chaotic and different? Think about where you can save time and which morning routines you would like to introduce or change.


Your morning routine tips at a glance:

  • BulletDrink proof coffee (butter coffee)
  • drink a large glass of water
  • Exercise and exercise
  • pause and meditate
  • write yourself a to-do list
  • Gratitude as a morning routine
  • Setting goals as a routine
  • Make laughter a habit
  • Breathing as a morning routine
  • Reduce distractions
  • create a good morning playlist

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At first you will probably be very motivated to go through your morning routine as planned and benefit from the positive effects. If your motivation curve flattens out again, try to stick with it and continue your rituals - every morning.

Routine is important and it takes a while to really become a routine. Behavioral scientist Phillippa Lally of University College London found that it It takes an average of 66 days for a new habit to become so well established that it is easier to keep than to refrain. See which rituals suit you and are funso that you are not in a negative mood just because of the obsession and do not do too much at once.


BASIS of ahead: Your daily essentials


A good way of introducing new habits presents the journalist James Clear in his bestseller "Atomic Habits": Habit stacking. Dabei You "stack" one habit after another and thus automate your positive routines in everyday life bit by bit.

Your formula for a new morning routine:

  • After I've done (current habit)
  • I will practice (new habit).


For Your morning routine sees that for Example like this:

  • After pouring myself my coffee in the morning, I meditate for 60 seconds.
  • After meditating for 1 minute, I write down my to-do list for the day.  
  • After I have written down my to-do list, I immediately start with the first task.


If you still need some morning routine ideas, then pay attention now - we are now introducing you to 11 tips that can become your new rituals.


hot coffee Bulletproof coffee


1. BulletDrink proof coffee (butter coffee)

Coffee is definitely part of your morning routine? Our biohack for a real energy kick in the morning is the butter coffee. Coffee with butter and coconut oil - it sounds a little getting used to at first - is extremely effective for your body and mind because your insulin level stays down. It's even easier with ours BULLET, which contains MCT powder and collagen - all in a delicious, irresistible vanilla flavor.

By avoiding a sugary breakfast in the form of muesli or toast in the morning and drinking a high-fat coffee as a morning ritual, your body gets its energy not from carbohydrates but from fat. Once you've got your morning routine with a BULLET Coffee start, you will not only start the day strengthened - You can also lose weight on the side and thus have more strength for your workout. Have one in the morning BULLET Coffee and feel the power in you!


BULLET of ahead for your Bulletproof coffee


2. Drink a large glass of water as a morning ritual

Instead of starting the day with breakfast, your first morning routine should be drinking a glass of water, to prepare the stomach for the first meal and to replenish your fluid stores in the morning. Pure water or a large glass of lemon water get your digestion and metabolism going. After all, you are made up of 80 percent water. It is enough to squeeze half a lemon in your glass.1


3. Morning routine: exercise and exercise

Sport and fresh morning air are real energy boosters that give your circulation a lot of push in the morning and get you into the day with a good dose of energy.2 It doesn't matter whether you run in the morning or take your dog for a walk - the main thing is that you repeat the physical activity every day.

Exercises that appeal to many muscle groups such as squats, burpees or push-ups ensure an absolute kick start. For many people, yoga is the perfect morning routine because it strengthens both the body and the mind. It doesn't always have to be the perfect sun salutation, either exuberant stretching and stretching can be enoughto get the morning off to a good start.

By the way: Exercise in the morning not only wakes you up, it also stimulates the release of happiness hormones!

 Morning exercise stretching stretching outdoors


4. Meditation: Morning routine to pause

As soon as the alarm clock rings in the morning and you finally get up, you will be confronted with countless impressions that are playing ping-pong in your head. In the morning, make it a habit to meditate for a few minutes to calm the carousel of thoughts. By starting your morning ritual with meditation, you can concentrate on the essentials in the morning. The focus is on your well-being. Whether mantras, affirmations or kryias - choose what you like the most.

That can be really motivating in the morning. Don't worry: you don't have to sit motionless on the floor with your legs crossed in the early morning to meditate. Just sit down or lie down, close your eyes and let your thoughts come and go.

Meditate shortly after getting up in the morning. Five minutes in the morning is enough as a morning routine before you expand your meditation to ten minutes. Many people meditate under Relaxation techniques. But meditation is also one of the best morning routines ever. If you want to get into the art of meditation and need some help, you should download the apps headspace ( and 7mind ( as support. There are also a number of guided meditations on YouTube that are suitable as an introduction to meditation.

 Woman meditating pause relaxed


5. Write yourself a to-do list as a morning routine

A morning routine can only be taken for granted if you structure it. This way you don't waste energy on unnecessary thought processes and decisions. Helpful for a good one Time management are to-do lists. You stay focused and can concentrate on your morning and the coming hours of the day. So get your outfit ready the night before and prepare your breakfast to save time. A to-do list helps you to determine the individual actions of your morning routine.

Such lists are not only useful for establishing rituals and a morning routine. You can also create them for the whole day to prioritize.

Do you love time management, lists and plans? Then download them all for free now ahead Download the planner as a PDF file. Click here to download!


6. Gratitude as a morning routine

You can start the day as a morning ritual with gratitude, by thinking of three or five things a day that you are especially grateful for. Speak out loud or write down the things you are grateful for in the morning. You can also incorporate them into your meditation. As soon as you show more gratitude in the morning, you not only start the day happy and in a good mood - you are also more productive.

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7. Setting goals as a routine

By setting (small) goals for yourself, you can give yourself a reward every day and look forward to anew. Especially when you have achieved your goals, which also promotes the release of dopamine. Every day think about what you want to achieve today and reward yourself in the evening with something to look forward to, for example with a hot bath Relaxation or a meal with friends. How you right set goals you can find out in our blog post.


8. Make laughter a habit

Laughing in the morning drives away grief and worries - laughter can definitely be a ritual and become your morning routine. By pulling the corners of your mouth up, you stimulate the release of happiness hormones. The best thing to do is to stick a piece of paper on the bathroom mirror so that you can start with the simplest morning ritual before brushing your teeth. Then you start the day feeling good.


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9. Breathing as a morning routine

If you don't have time for yoga or meditation in the morning, allow yourself at least a few minutes to take a few deep breaths in the morning. Five minutes in the morning are enough to get you in the mood for the day and collect your thoughts. As a result, you are not only relaxed, but also optimally supply your body with oxygen through deep and calm breathing.


10. Reduce distractions

Rituals are only effective if you don't allow yourself to be distracted. When you brush your teeth, you don't do anything else. When you do yoga or meditate, you just concentrate on it in the morning. The best thing to do in the morning is to do without both your smartphone and your notebook because things simply distract you. You can also check the e-mails later and for unnecessary likes Social Media like Facebook, you are wasting valuable time and energy.

Also avoid pressing the snooze button. The best thing to do is to keep your alarm clock out of reach so that you have no choice but to get up.


11. Create a good morning playlist for your morning routine

Music lifts the mood and is a real pick-me-up.3 Create a playlist with songs that remind you of beautiful moments, are fun, accompany your mood and suit your taste in music. You can also set your alarm clock so that it wakes you up with the right music in your ears.

 happy motivated woman to start the day



If you want to optimize your day and be more productive, you should stick to a regular morning routine. There are countless things that you can incorporate as a personal ritual. Whether morning exercise, yoga, coffee or a simple glass of lemon water. Do the things that make you feel good and motivate you. Above all, movement in the morning provides more energy and momentum in everyday life, so that you are more concentrated during the day and can raise your energy level.

So that your own morning routine doesn't degenerate into stress, you should do it in the morning don't incorporate too many rituals. Two to three rituals are enough to change your life. If you have introduced these rituals as a fixed morning routine, you can incorporate further new rituals. Remember: minimalism is everything!

Your morning routine should be fun, motivating and ideally the first reason for you to get up.


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