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7 Reviews


7 Reviews

Mental energy

C8 MCT fats provide you with ketogenic energy quickly and sustainably

Beauty benefits

Collagen protein supports healthy skin, hair and nails

For cartilage and joints

Supports healthy bones, cartilage and joints

100% grass-fed

Collagen hydrolyzate from certified grazing

Irresistibly delicious

Creamy vanilla flavor for coffee or keto shakes

“If I don't feel like having breakfast, I'll take Bullet. It lets me start the day full of energy and without a midday low."

Elisa Dambeck, fitness trainer


Take the hassle out of

Bullet Coffee

Replace your breakfast with clean, sustainable energy from BULLET Coffee with pure C8 MCTs (and pure deliciousness). Experience the thrill of laser-focused productivity in the morning and throughout your day. The collagen hydrolyzate comes from certified grazing and synergizes with zinc and vitamin C from acerola extract -- the most important co-factors for the body's own collagen production.

Butter coffee was yesterday. Save yourself precious moments, and simply stir BULLET into your coffee or drink of your choice--that's it. Now, with BULLET, you can have Bullet Coffee anywhere! 

100% ketogenic energy

Caprylic acid (C8) provides sustainable energy without affecting insulin levels. This makes it the perfect energy supplier for a ketogenic diet.

Irresistibly creamy vanilla taste

Deliver this fresh upgrade to your boring cup of coffee ... keto-friendly milkshake ... or even your cookies (ever tried snacking on "performance cookies" with collagen and MCTs? Yum!).

Underestimated collagen benefits

Collagen protein + natural vitamin C from acerola extract supports collagen formation for healthy bones, joints, cartilage, skin, hair and nails -- so you look and feel your best.


Take the hassle out of

Bullet Coffee

Our ingredients

Naturalness and functionality.

Without compromises.

Caprylic acid (C8 MCT powder)

Many manufacturers use a combination of the C8 and C10. You'll find only pure C8 fats in BULLET -- the best fats for your body to produce ketones.

Collagen hydrolyzate from grazing

Collagen is a fiber-forming protein that provides tension and strengthens the joints, hair, skin and nails. Collagen's also vital for healthy bones and teeth.


No artificial additives

External laboratory tested



No magnesium stearate

No preservatives

What experts say

Tested by professionals.

Fully trusted.

Elisa Dambeck, fitness trainer

“If I don't feel like having breakfast, I'll take it BULLET. For me the perfect product for this. It lets me start the day full of energy and without a midday low. "


Any Questions? 

We have answers.

Do I get my money back if I am not satisfied?

100%. We stand by our products. If you're dissatisfied for any reason ... or no reason at all ... contact us. We'll refund your money and work to fix the problem.

Do you get your ingredients regionally?

We source our ingredients from sustainable cultivation worldwide. We choose the place of origin based on where we get the best quality of the raw material. We're always looking for better local options. If you have a tip, we look forward to your message.

How does my subscription work?

Before we debit the monthly amount, you'll receive an email confirming your next delivery. You can postpone or cancel your next delivery at any time in your account. We want to deliver only as much as you need.

60 days "no questions asked" money-back guarantee

Your nutrition is a matter of trust.
There's no risk for you.

ahead Money Back Guarantee
60 days "no questions asked" money-back guarantee

Your nutrition is a matter of trust.
There's no risk for you.

Test our products for up to 60 days. If you're dissatisfied for any reason ... or no reason at all ... you'll be refunded the full amount. That's how much we believe in our product. 
You can find out more about our guarantee promise here.

What our customers say


Customer Reviews
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Germany Germany
Tastes very tasty

I drink Bullet daily in the morning with plant milk. Really tasty and stimulating!

Austria Austria
everything perfect

Fast delivery, good quality, Bullet Coffee very tasty

Germany Germany
Taste and effect just great

I have myself Bullet and Enegize and I don't want to miss either of them anymore! Both taste very good and have become an essential part of my daily routine.

Austria Austria
Just perfect

This is exactly what I was looking for. I always had too little time in the morning Bulletto make proof coffee. With Bullet this takes less than 2 minutes. Prepare coffee 2 spoons Bullet stir in and you are done exactly what I wanted. Normally I don't like vanilla flavors, but here it is kept very subtle and I even taste more than my beloved "black" coffee with nothing. Thank you! I would be happy if it were available in a 3 month pack, don't think it's great if I have 12 such packs at the end of the year because you don't like to throw them away because they are very stylish

Sandy W.
Germany Germany
Bullet tastes really delicious

I have Bullet chosen as an alternative to milk in coffee in the morning. It tastes really delicious like vanilla. The tolerance was also ok.

The perfect match

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