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Complete drinking meal



1 Bottle, 1 Meal, Zero Compromises!

✅ 1 bottle = 1 whole meal
✅ 26 vitamins & minerals
✅ Keeps you full for up to 5 hours
✅ Lactose & gluten free, no added sugar

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6 Drinks
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Ingredients: Low-fat milk, water, milk protein, vegetable oils 2,8% (rapeseed, sunflower), vitamins (A, C, D, E, K, B1, B6, folic acid, biotin, pantothenic acid, niacin), minerals (magnesium, iron, copper, manganese, selenium, chromium, molybdenum, potassium, zinc), sweeteners: acesulfame K, sucralose; dye: carotene; maltodextrin, fiber: inulin; stabilizers: sodium phosphates; lactase, natural flavors.


Nutritional Informationper 100 ml500 ml per bottle
Energy438 kJ / 105 kcal2190 kJ / 525 kcal
fat4,2 g21 g
- of which total Fatty acids1,1 day5,5 g
carbohydrates8,9 g44,5 g
- of which sugars4,3 g21,5 g
Fibres2,7 g13,5 g
protein6,5 g32,5 g
salt0,21 g1 g


minerals500 ml per bottle% NRV *
Sodium185 mg**
Potassium870 mg44%
Magnesium125 mg33%
Calcium800 mg100%
Manganese0,5 mg25%
Iron3,6 mg26%
Copper0,25 mg25%
Zinc3,55 mg36%
Chromium10,5 g26%
Molybdenum21 g42%
Phosphorus675 mg96%
Iodine29,75 g20%
Selenium14,5 g26%


Vitamins500 ml per bottle% NRV *
Vitamin A234 g23%
Vitamin D31,35 g22%
Vitamin E9,55 mg64%
Vitamin K220 g21%
Vitamin B10,36 mg26%
Vitamin B21,05 mg60%
Niacin (BXNUMX)4,55 mg23%
Pantothenic acid (BXNUMX)1,6 mg21%
Vitamin B60,46 mg26%
Biotin15 g24%
Folic acid (BXNUMX)83 g33%
Vitamin B122,6 g83%
Vitamin C27,5 mg21%

*% Nutrient Reference Values ​​(NRV) according to x VO No. 1169/2011

** no reference quantity available

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Keeps you fuller for longer (up to 5 hours)

No more food coma or cravings, ready to drink

1 Bottle = 1 Complete Meal

32,5g of Protein and containing fibre, complex carbohydrates, and good MCT fats.

26 key vitamins & minerals, XNUMXg of protein.

You cover at least 25% of your daily micronutrient requirements per bottle

Lactose & gluten free

No added sugar and easy to digest

A healthy meal? Gulp, gulp, done.

Sleep longer in the morning. At noon to the next meeting without stress. Chilling out in the evening instead of chopping vegetables. With the ahead With Meal you have your diet under control: take it with you, turn it up, enjoy. As tasty as a dessert, as nutritious as a full meal. Without lactose, without gluten, without added sugar. But with everything your body really needs.

you have questions We have answers

Power the ahead Meal drinking meal really fed up?

In the morning or between two appointments, there is often little time for a balanced meal or a healthy snack. When we're stressed, we reflexively turn to sweet, greasy, and unhealthy fast food to satisfy our cravings. It's full of calories from one-sided sources (carbohydrates, fat, etc.) and comes with little fiber and little protein. In addition, too much sugar causes the blood sugar level to skyrocket. The result: hunger quickly follows hunger again. The ahead Meal provides you with a balanced nutrient ratio in no time - including lots of protein and many unsaturated fatty acids. And because they are metabolized longer than carbs and sugar, our drinking meal keeps your stomach full for up to 5 hours - and your head can concentrate on the important things.

What does it make ahead Meal better than other drinking meals?

No time to cook or little time to eat means one thing above all: stress. Why make these moments even harder than they already are? Any bottle ahead Meal is your delicious break from everyday stress. We were developing the ahead Meals important that our drinking meal not only provides all important and wholesome nutrients, but also tastes good. In addition, we only obtain our raw materials from certified sources, pay attention to gentle processing and ensure that every recycled bottle reaches you in a climate-neutral way.

I want to lose weight. Is this ahead Meal a meal replacement for my diet?

We have that ahead Meal is not primarily designed for weight loss. Nevertheless, our drinking meal can support your diet plan. To lose weight, you should consume fewer calories than you burn each day. It is best to get these calories from whole sources such as protein, fiber and, in moderation, fat and carbohydrates. With just over 500 kcal, that can be done ahead Meal are suitable for weight management because each bottle provides a balanced mix of nutrients. Note, however, that your daily calorie balance and sufficient physical activity are crucial for weight loss. Ultimately it is up to you whether and how you do it ahead want to incorporate meal into your diet plan.

Do I get my money back if I am not satisfied?

To 100%. We stand by our products and their benefits, which have been confirmed many times. If you are unsatisfied, contact us. We'll refund your money and work to fix the problem.

Further questions? You can find answers on our FAQ page.

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