Bulletproof coffee - overrated or a real biohack?

Bulletproof coffee - overrated or a real biohack?

Have you already heard of that BulletProof coffee trend heard? The so-called Bulletproof coffee (butter coffee) gives you energy over a long period of time and raises your mental and physical performance to a new level. The name hides an initially irritating recipe: coffee beans with butter and coconut oil.

So far have you only mixed milk in your coffee? Try this instead Bulletproof coffee recipe - let yourself be surprised! Thanks to its recipe, the power coffee lasts for several hours filling meal replacement. But does the hot drink do what it says on the tin? We explain to you what it is with the Bulletproof coffee is all about how you prepare it and with which types of nutrition it can ideally support you.

History: That's where it comes from Bulletproof coffee

He has the idea of ​​adding fat to a drink Bulletproof coffee inventor Dave Asprey from the yak butter tea that he was served on a trip in the Himalayas. From this tea with the special yak butter he has become BulletGet inspiration from proof Coffee.

Back in his homeland, the wondrous drink has simply not let go of the American. He tested many different combinations to find a drink with even better effects. Instead of tea, he used coffee and relied on the valuable pasture butter. The drink is now very popular with fitness enthusiasts in America and Dave Asprey has got out of the Bulletproof coffee made a whole brand. He even developed a complete diet based on this brand.

The trend for coffee beans with pasture butter and MCT oils continues and also in Europe it gets Bulletproof Coffee more and more enthusiastic followers.

Have you heard of the drink? The word "bulletproof ”translates as“ bulletproof ”and is intended to refer to the high performance after enjoyment Clues. What's really behind that Bulletproof coffee is stuck and we will now show you how you can best benefit from its energy.

The effects of caffeine

Do you know that when you walk through the city in the morning and the pleasant smell of fresh coffee wafts around your nose on every corner? Characteristic roasted aromas, intense taste - and above all: Caffeine.

For many people, coffee to go in the morning is a must and an integral part of everyday life. Whether in the office, on the construction site or on the way to the train: Coffee is part of everyday life. Many people are only really approachable after the first cup in the office. The fact that the hot drink is so popular is not just due to the taste. The included Caffeine is a handy pick-me-up in tired moments and makes even late risers productive in the early morning hours.

The caffeine in the coffee plant actually serves as a defense against pests. How good that people have discovered its positive effects on the body. Can you still imagine a life without coffee?

When you enjoy your first coffee in the morning, up to 800 different flavorings on your tongue. Even before you take the first sip, you can already perceive it through your nose. Hardly has the coffee been drunk takes effect after 15 to 30 minutes. In the stomach, the caffeine it contains penetrates your bloodstream and flows through your entire body. Your blood pressure rises. In the brain, caffeine outwits its own organism: It is similar to the receptors that signal your brain that you are tired. The caffeine defuses these receptors and instead releases adrenaline and dopamine in the brain. That's why you become more awake.

Caffeine also has the following effects on your body:

  • It makes you more efficient.
  • Caffeine increases your reaction speed.
  • The blood vessels widen and the pulse increases.
  • Sports performance can also increase through the consumption of coffee.
  • Caffeine can promote digestive processes.

In some cases, caffeine is even used in pain relievers. Because it dilates the blood vessels, it can help relieve headaches.


Caffeine: healthy and effective

Once you start drinking coffee every day, you won't stop anytime soon. That's because it becomes a habituation can come. If you drink several cups of the black gold every day, your body may get so used to the caffeine that it can no longer achieve its normal performance level without the push.

However, coffee is not the only source of caffeine - the active ingredient is also found in many other foods. Did you know, for example, that dark chocolate can also trigger a little energy kick? However, the effect and development is greatest with coffee. Compared to black tea, the effect of the caffeine starts much later because it is only released in the intestine. The caffeine from coffee beans, on the other hand, is fine released into your bloodstream in your stomach and therefore works quickly and effectively.

Bulletproof coffee - the perfect symbiosis of fat and coffee

Coffee has many positive effects. Most people enjoy it because of its performance enhancing effects. In conjunction with fat, this can be intensified and lengthened. The BulletThat's why proof Coffee combines these two ingredients in a fabulous blend. On the one hand, the fats serve to improve the taste: the pasture butter gives it Bulletproof coffee has a creamy consistency and is simply delicious. On the other hand, the fat is filling. Through the fat will the caffeine is absorbed evenly over a longer period of time. At the same time, the brain gets more energy from the fats or, more precisely, the ketone bodies. The blood sugar and insulin levels remain unaffected by fluctuations. In one Bulletproof coffee increases the positive effects of coffee on the body.

Preparation: This is how it works Bulletproof coffee

For a very simple one Bulletproof coffee you only need a few ingredients - and you may always have them in your kitchen one way or another. For making a large cup BulletYou need proof coffee

  • freshly ground coffee beans,
  • about 2 tablespoons of pasture butter,
  • 2 tablespoons of coconut oil and
  • some flavor if you like.

You prepare the coffee as normal and fill it with coconut oil and pasture butter in a blender. Alternatively, you can also use a milk frother. Since butter and coconut oil are usually stored cold, they lower the temperature of your coffee. If you prefer to drink it as warm as possible, warm the blender with hot water beforehand. This means that the coffee is less likely to lose its temperature. After a short time, the ingredients melt into a creamy drink.

Simply stirring the fat with a spoon is not enough. Proper mixing contributes to the effect of the coffee. Because due to the fast movement will be Micelles formed in the pasture butter, which also stimulate the fat metabolism. The more micelles that are formed by mixing, the more your fat burning will be boosted. After mixing, the Bulletproof coffee has a creamy consistency. Like a latte macchiato, it has a frothy crown. Pour the bulletproof coffee beans into your mug and enjoy your small breakfast with frothy cream.

Do you want yours BulletPrepare proof coffee differently? Let your creativity run free and add vanilla flavored flavdrops or spices like cinnamon. Sugar-free cocoa powder can give your coffee a slight mocha touch.

If you are vegan, try the butterless option. Replace these with coconut butter or milk. Almond or hazelnut butter are also good for making one Bulletproof coffee. Just try out different variations and discover which one tastes best for you.


Bulletproof coffee with the right ingredients

As is often the case with coffee, having the right ingredients is critical. First is the Choosing the bean is essential for your coffee enjoyment. Do you have a favorite roast? While there are "only" 400 different aromas in wine, coffee releases up to 800. 

True coffee lovers not only taste sweet and tart - there are many different aromas:

  • fruity
  • berry
  • nussig
  • caramel
  • spicy
  • chocolaty
  • flowery
  • woody
  • ashy
  • musty
  • sweet
  • sour
  • biting

Have you already immersed yourself in the variety of such flavors? Instead of always enjoying the same coffee-to-go, we recommend that you to discover new varieties again and again. Coffee is not coffee - there are many tastes. This can be an incentive, especially for people who don't actually like coffee: Just because you don't like a certain coffee does not mean that you cannot become a coffee lover in principle.

Coffee beans and their preparation

True gourmets will even recognize notes of fruit, herbs or whiskey in the hot drink. A Bulletproof coffee that leaves a hint of smoky scotch on your palate? Insanely good! What the stimulant tastes like in your cup depends on the bean, the cultivation, the roasting and the preparation. The same coffee beans tastes different from a French press than from a paper filter. How you like it best depends entirely on your own preferences. When preparing Bulletproof coffee, we recommend you to have one to use a slightly stronger bean. The addition of butter and coconut oil dilutes the typical coffee taste.

Our tip: Don't limit yourself to a single method of making coffee. Be diverse - so you will always find slight deviations in terms of taste and bring a little variety to yours Bulletproof coffee.

Bulletproof coffee - the right bean makes it

The inventor of the Bulletproof coffee it is especially important to use beans that not contaminated with pollutants are. Do you know exactly where your coffee comes from? In order to keep the pollution as low as possible and only benefit from the positive effect of the drink, rely on high-quality coffee Organic and Fairtrade seals. This way you can be sure that the taste of pure coffee will melt on your tongue. How you get the coffee for yours BulletProof coffee is up to you. However, it is recommended to use To dispense with paper filters, because the fats and oils contained in the coffee powder are filtered out through the paper. And just those are for him Bulletproof coffee is important. The preparation with a French Press is easy and quick. You can also use the brewing time to optimally influence the taste of the French press.

Pasture butter for yours Bulletproof coffee

Butter is not just butter. If you've tried yourself a little, you will know that each type of bread tastes slightly different on the bread. When choosing the right butter, it's not just the taste that is decisive, but also what's in it. Pasture butter comes from cows that actually spend their day in the pasture. This makes it more yellow in color and less pale. But optics are less important when using good butter - the inner values ​​count. The butter from grazing cows has a higher nutrient density. It is one larger amount of Omega fatty acids 3, Vitamins and Antioxidants contain. That's why it's for yours Bulletproof coffee perfectly suited.


Bulletproof coffee with MCT oil for more energy

The very simple recipe for Bulletproof coffee works with coconut oil. This oil is considered very healthy because it contains many positive ingredients and accordingly has a good effect on your organism. You may already know coconut oil as a small beauty all-rounder. Coconut oil is used for hair, skin and dental care. It works antibacterial and protects against free radicals. Coconut oil also works against viruses and fungi and is easily digestible. In addition, MCTs are contained in coconut oil.

MCT stands for medium-chain triglycerides or simply medium-chain fatty acids. Most of the time, fat is associated with negative aspects of health and nutrition. There are some fats that are good for your body. Especially with one ketogenic diet these are very important and form the cornerstone of the diet.

The MCTs support the body in the State of ketosis to find. That means your body is his Power only draws from fat, not as usual from glucose or carbohydrates. Ketosis makes you special powerful and focused. You can achieve this state with the ketogenic diet - low carb, high fat. The Bulletproof coffee ensures that your organism is pushed into ketosis. However, this only works with one MCT-containing coconut oil. If you have your Bulletproof coffee to optimize this effect, you can order a special MCT oil. MCT oil consists exclusively of medium-chain triglycerides and enables you to im Bulletproof Coffee the best possible result when it comes to increasing performance and energy consumption.

Tip: prepare the coffee without milk or sugar to. Otherwise it cannot lead to a ketogenic state - because carbohydrates are hidden in these ingredients.


Bulletproof coffee - your advantages

The Bulletproof coffee is a real energy booster. But it can do a lot more:

  • Bulletproof coffee increases concentration and attention.
  • The butter coffee gives you energy through the MCT fats.
  • Bullet Proof coffee is low carb.
  • If the coffee is used as a meal replacement in the morning, it stimulates fat burning.

Of course, you don't always have a blender and fresh pasture butter with you when you're thirsty for coffee. You don't even need that. Because that's exactly the kind of situation we have BULLET BULLET is a powder with a delicious vanilla flavor and contains high quality C8 MCTs, which your body optimally in the Support formation of ketones. The added acerola extracts also give you a healthy one Portion of vitamin C.. You simply stir the powder into your fresh coffee with a spoon - done! Enjoy ketogenic energy quickly and easily now. It is also suitable BULLET Also perfect to take away - so you can pimp your coffee with the Keto Energy every coffee-to-go or at work and at university.


Ketogenic Diet: Low Carb? No carb!

The name of this type of nutrition or diet comes from the effect: the ketogenic diet creates the State of ketosis brought about. In this state, your organism no longer draws the energy it needs from the carbohydrates in food, but from fat.

The ketogenic diet is usually used renounced carbohydrates. Just about 50g of carbs per day should ideally be recorded - nothing more. In contrast to a carbohydrate reduction, you leave out most of the carbohydrates completely on the ketogenic diet. Are on the menu instead proteins and fats. That doesn't sound so easy at first, after all, unfortunately, most of the meals consist of carbohydrates. But after a short time you will get used to the change in diet and you can benefit from ketosis.

The keto diet didn't become so popular for nothing. With it you will quickly achieve success, lose weight and lower your blood sugar level.

The best way to make up your daily meals is as follows:

  • 70-80% fats
  • 20-25% protein
  • 5% carbohydrates

Your body gets used to the high fat intake. As a result, the fat is no longer stored - after all, there is always a replenishment. The proteins are important to keep the muscles strong.

With the ketogenic diet, some foods are no longer on your menu. But that is no reason to despair, because there are very tasty alternatives. A bowl or even bread for breakfast? Your body doesn't need that at all. It is often the case that these short-term carbohydrates make you even more tired because of the Blood sugar level rises quickly and only for a short time. Instead of giving you energy for a good start to the day, they can also inhibit you. The coffee with oil and butter is therefore ideal as breakfast if you are on a ketogenic diet. It provides you with fat and strength for a strong start to the day.

Bulletproof coffee and intermittent fasting

Since intermittent fasting has become a very popular diet alongside the ketogenic diet, we would like to address this as well. If he Bulletproof coffee for intermittent fasting is appropriate or not is a hotly debated question. Coffee is generally allowed during intermittent fasting. But only black. Sugar or milk trigger insulin levels and are therefore absolute no-gos. But what about coffee, MCT oil, and pasture butter?

Intermittent fasting involves fasting at different intervals. During this time, the body enters a state of ketosis, similar to the ketogenic diet. Through the long periods of fasting the body uses the fat reserves and converts it into energy. Fat burning is boosted. However, this only works if the Fasting phases without restrictions be respected. During this time, for example, only water, unsweetened tea and black coffee can be drunk. Carbohydrates? Taboo. The blood sugar level must not rise. The Bulletproof coffee contains fat. So at first it would not fit into a fasting phase. However, it should be noted that the fats from the MCT oil are not stored fats. Will the Dose reduced to the minimum, you can Bulletproof coffee to bridge drink. It gives you new energy and makes your feeling of hunger disappear.

For experienced followers of intermittent fasting, bulletproof coffee beans can be a way to help them To extend the fasting period. On the other hand, it can help a newcomer to adhere to the unfamiliar phases or eating in the first place. It gives a pleasant feeling of satiety and enables a slow Getting used to the new diet. But remember that you should not add milk or sugar to the delicious hot drink, especially when doing intermittent fasting. Because then the fast would definitely be interrupted and all the effort would be in vain.

Would you like to do without carbohydrates in the morning even without intermittent fasting or a ketogenic diet? Then it is Bulletproof coffee with butter is just right for you. Prepared quickly, it gives you exactly the energy you need for your day.

Bulletproof coffee instead of breakfast

Many drink their coffee in the morning to wake up. He's getting us off to a good start and getting us to our desk. How practical would it be to combine coffee with breakfast in the morning? With a Bulletproof coffee, this is now possible - or even a must. Through the strong nutritional content you can make it from butter coffee like a meal take to you. The respective dosage depends entirely on you: with one more small amount of fat it has a value of around 190 Kcal. With more butter and oil it can be up to 400 Kcal be. So the coffee will reliably keep you full until your lunch break and provide you with all-round energy. He literally makes you bulletproof. Small snack breaks because your concentration is decreasing? The BulletAccording to its inventor, proof Coffee promises high performance over several hours. But are coffee, oil and butter really the new miracle cure for long office days?

Quick and easy: Bulletproof coffee

The Bulletproof coffee is a real treat for the palate for people with an affinity for fitness. The coffee with butter and coconut oil tastes incredibly creamy and melts easily on the tongue. The most important effect should be its effect: Due to the high fat content, it is sometimes used as a meal replacement for weight loss. Such a BulletHowever, proof diet only makes sense when actually replacing a meal. The Bulletproof coffee with MCT oil delivers you sustainable energy and promotes your fat burning. Thanks to the special MCTs you intensify this effect. But if you add a hearty breakfast, that's too much of a good thing. Because then you eat two dishes at the same time and the wow effect of the butter coffee unfortunately does not occur.

When things have to be done quickly and you are in a hurry, butter coffee is ideal. It prepares you well for stressful days and gives you extra power thanks to the fatty acids. Did you turn night into day again or did you work strenuous overtime yesterday? The MCT oil and the caffeine in the Bulletproof Coffee gives you back your energy and equips you for a new day of high performance.

Bulletproof coffee preparation - get creative!

Many lovers of the Bulletproof coffee describe the taste similar to that of a latte macchiato. Oh yes - that sounds delicious. But especially if the Bulletproof coffee replaces breakfast every morning, it can get a bit boring. We have collected a few tips so that you can drink your energy supplier with pleasure day after day. So it never gets boring in your coffee cup. You can get creative with the preparation and follow your own taste. Just remember: Carbs - including products containing sugar - are taboo. After all, the coffee should work first and foremost, not just taste good. Do you fancy a little variation?

  • Refine your coffee with Flavor drops. Vanilla, cookie or cheesecake - how do you like to drink it?
  • Many Herbs & Spices refine the coffee aromas. With cinnamon you can give your hot drink a Christmas touch.
  • If you have your Bulletproof coffee you want to give a chocolate note sugar-free cocoa or cocoa butter possible ingredients.
  • Would you like a portion of protein? If you enjoy having a shake after your workout, you can Bulletproof coffee with your Protein powder Mix.
  • Are you a tea drinker as well as coffee? Try yourself Bulletproof tea. Black tea, butter and MCT oil make a similarly strong trio!
  • Cayenne pepper, nutmeg or cloves give every bulletproof coffee bean a special aroma.
  • Of course, you can also have coffee on hot days enjoy cold. Instead of pasture butter, you use it Ghee. This is clarified butter. You can conjure up a refreshing iced coffee in no time.

With all of the tips, there is one thing you should particularly take to heart: Make sure you have high-quality coffee. Although this is mixed with butter and MCT oil, you should choose the right strain. It's not just about taste, but also about quality. Each bean can release special aromas when roasted differently. The world of coffee is big - discover new varieties and surprise your taste buds with fabulous ones Bulletproof coffee variations.

Good reasons for Bulletproof coffee

For one BulletThere are many good reasons for proof coffee in the morning. The coffee gives you energy and fills you up. At the same time, it boosts fat burning. Increased performance, greater concentration and a long-lasting feeling of satiety make it a real miracle cure during dieting. In addition, the Bullet Proof coffee antibacterial and antiviral. You not only boost your energy balance, but also your immune system. All of these are good reasons why you Bulletshould drink proof coffee regularly.

Bulletproof coffee - is it really that perfect?

As it is in life: Everything also has a downside. The Bulletproof Coffee really makes a good impression and convinces with its high performance boost. We want to help you to always get the best out of yourself. Every day you face new challenges and grow beyond yourself. Your body is powerful even under extreme conditions. Your body needs a lot of essential nutrients so that you can withstand the physical and mental stress every day. The BulletUnfortunately, proof Coffee doesn't contain many of them - it exists mostly from unsaturated fatty acids. But your body needs more: vitamins, minerals and fiber, for example. The bulletproof coffee beans with butter simply cannot deliver that. That's why he is Only partially suitable as an everyday breakfast.

A balanced breakfast takes more time, but it can provide your body with a good portion of essential nutrients that it absolutely needs. You still don't want to go to the Bulletforego proof coffee? No problem! With us you will find the ketogenic energy already in powder form. In addition to the valuable MCT oils are nutrients that strengthen your body. For a strong immune system you get at ahead In addition Vitamins and minerals for daily nutritional supplements. So you can do your BulletEnjoy proof coffee with confidence.

As is so often the case, the following applies: the overall package is important. The Bulletproof coffee provides your organism with a good portion of energy. This should also be processed by the body. On a cozy Sunday on the couch, the high level of performance does not bring you anything. Especially when it comes to losing weight Bulletproof coffee is possible, you have to pay attention to your total caloric intake. Breakfast by one BulletReplacing proof coffee is a good option - but the other meals also have to be right. Your complete nutritional concept should be harmonious. Eat a balanced diet and avoid fast food. Pay attention to your body and the optimal supply of nutrients. This is the only way to be more efficient in the long term.

Our conclusion on Bulletproof coffee 

Bulletproof coffee is the new trendy drink from America. In Germany, the hype about buttered coffee is spreading more and more and is particularly popular with biohackers and fitness-savvy people. In addition to the delicious taste, the coffee should increase performance enormously. Better concentration over a longer period of time and a long-lasting feeling of satiety. The Bulletproof coffee as a breakfast substitute promises a motivated start to the day - no matter how long you were in the office yesterday. Such promises naturally arouse curiosity. Even as a diet drink during the keto diet or intermittent fasting, the Bulletproof coffee can be a real miracle weapon. Are you ready for this biohack? Have you already tasted the pepped up coffee beans? We are of the opinion: Bulletproof coffee is the perfect option if you have a busy day ahead of you. No time for breakfast or a break at work? Then the butter coffee offers you everything you need: Performance, power and saturation over several hours. However, butter, MCT oils and your favorite coffee are not a substitute for a balanced diet - so pay attention to your nutritional needs anyway.

The inventor Dave Asprey is convinced of the Bulletproof coffee. But does the drink really make you that bulletproof? Only you can find out for yourself how the popular hot drink affects your body - so just give it a try. However, we advise you slowly approaching the butter coffee. If you rarely eat high-fat meals, it is possible that your stomach rebels a little at first. So slowly get used to the bulletproof drink and carefully increase the dose of butter and coconut or MCT oil. So you can watch exactly how metabolism and organism affect the Bulletproof coffee react.

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