Strong Immune System: How You Can Boost Your Defense System

Strong Immune System: How You Can Boost Your Defense System

The human immune system is a complex network of our body. The task of the immune system is to fight against pathogens and to ensure that we are healthy. Many areas of our body have an impact on the immune system. The intestines play a central role in the body's defenses, as does the regenerative phase at night when we sleep. What can we pay attention to in order to activate our immune forces and to give them the best possible support?

Many are aware that one balanced and healthy diet contributes to a good immune system. This also includes the Intestine, in which 80% of immune cells are located. In stressful everyday life, many people tend to throw their good resolutions overboard and grab unhealthy snacks or processed foods such as ready-made meals on the go. Your bowels are not necessarily grateful to you for this. Ready meals contain fewer vitamins and more sugar and trans fats, which has a negative effect on your intestinal flora.


1. Support your gut for a healthy immune system

So that all processes work optimally and you are armed with a strong immune system against pathogens, you have to take good care of your intestinal health through the close connection. To do this, you should make sure that your Intestinal flora in balance at a hunt.

Are in the intestinal flora a number of microorganisms that ensure that bacteria and viruses that can make you sick are fought and your digestion works optimally. If the intestinal flora is out of balance, pathogens can penetrate more quickly and thus also weaken your immune system.

To support the development of your intestinal flora, the handle is closed Probiotics helpful. These are Lactic acid bacteria contained in certain foods or dietary supplements and have numerous benefits for your health.

So you can also make sure that you are abundant Include calcium in your diet as this nutrient contributes to the normal functioning of digestive enzymes. Do you have the feeling that your intestinal flora is not in balance? Then start today to support your health.

2. Immune booster: Get a good night's sleep

In order to optimally take care of your immune system, you also need to reduce stress, relax and above all (!) Sleep well and sufficiently. Those who get too little sleep damage their immune system. Because lack of sleep ensures that the stress hormone cortisol is increasingly produced and your immune system is out of balance. But not only too little sleep weakens our immune system, but also problems falling asleep and sleeping through the night

Anyone who takes forever to fall asleep or wakes up several times during the night did not have a restful sleep at the end of the night. In the end, you weren't able to regenerate that optimally The number of antibodies decreases and you become more susceptible to disease.

Denn while you sleep, immune-active substances are released in your bodythat strengthen your immune system. In today's digital age, electronic devices also have an impact on our sleep. Because blue light plays an important role in our day-night rhythm.

Not only does stress cause an increased release of cortisol, but also blue light - this keeps you awake. The Sleep hormone melatonin On the other hand, it is only formed in the dark and supports a shorter time to fall asleep, which is why blue light sources from smartphones or televisions can interfere with the release of melatonin. That is why you should put away your smartphone early enough before going to sleep and avoid the series to fall asleep.


3. Take care of your vitamin D levels

What you should also have a look at is Vitamin Dbecause it's the supports normal function of the immune system. However, your defenses can are only activated when you have absorbed enough vitamin D.. Ingestion through food only leads to a lower intake of the vitamin.

In the narrower sense, vitamin D is actually a preliminary stage of a hormone that is only formed by the skin through the body's absorption of sunlight, more precisely UV-B radiation. The main problematic are the cool and dark seasons when we humans do not get enough sunlight and therefore often suffer from a vitamin D deficiency. During this time, a lot is demanded of our immune system.

Especially People who spend a lot of time indoors have a hard time because they do not have the opportunity to stock up on vitamin D. - For example, they cannot get through window panes. Therefore, you should now take care of replenishing your vitamin D stores at the latest to strengthen your immune system!

Even in summer it can happen that you suffer from a vitamin D deficiency. Even if sunscreens are important and necessary, it must be taken into account that they can block the formation of vitamin D from a sun protection factor of 20.



So if you want to be healthy and fit, it is important that you take care of your immune system before the first symptoms become noticeable and signal to you that something is out of balance. Pay attention to your intestines, an adequate supply of nutrients - especially with vitamin D and zinc as well as an optimal sleep duration and sleep quality. Act now and do something good for yourself and your health!


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