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Cold thermogenesis: are you ready for that morning cold kick?

Cold showers are for real Vikings? Are you kidding me? Are you serious when you say that! Cold thermogenesis is the name of the new trend that makes you more alert, fitter and slimmer. In this article you will learn how you can use thermogenesis for more energy, faster regeneration and an improved immune system.

You have to be pretty crazy to jump into the freezing water. What used to be practiced exclusively in the far north of Scandinavia and Russia is now finding more and more followers in this country. We're talking about cold thermogenesis, which is actually not for the faint of heart. Cold showers and baths not only stimulate your circulation and fat burning - they also strengthen your immune system.


Cold thermogenesis - what is it actually?

Many people know the feeling of getting up in the morning and not really having had enough sleep. The only thing that helps is a cold shower! Just the thought of standing under an ice-cold jet of water makes you sweat with fear. Cold thermogenesis is not that bad, but this trend definitely has something to do with cold water. Many die-hard people actually immerse themselves in a basin filled with ice water or ice cubes - for others a cold shower is enough. But what is it actually that drives people to frighten their bodies in such a way? The answer is simple: it's the feeling of freshness and health that is downright addicting. Try it out and get your personal freshness kick today!


Fresh into the day: How to best use cold thermogenesis

Warm showers have to have nerves as hard as steel to become real cold showers. Don't worry - cold thermogenesis is not that bad, but it does take some effort to stand under the cold shower in the morning.

Jumping into a pool of cold water is actually for the die-hard. If you start with cold thermogenesis, you can also choose a less shocking variant by slowly lowering the water temperature. That sounds pretty banal at first, but you will be able to feel the difference if you practice this method for longer. Those who like to take a warm shower will perceive water with a temperature of twenty degrees as cold. So that your body does not suffer a cold shock, you should slowly approach the cold shower in the morning.

If you want more, you can start alternating showers by changing the water temperature every ten to twenty seconds. First you take a warm shower before you shock your body with ice-cold jets of water. With this technique you not only stimulate your circulation - you also strengthen your immune system. Since the blood vessels expand and suddenly contract, you also prevent vascular and cardiovascular diseases. Once your body has got used to the cold water, you can experience the power of the cold shower every day.

Cold thermogenesis as a natural mood enhancer

Cold water lifts the mood! As soon as you take a cold shower, your heart starts beating faster. What initially takes some effort feels really good afterwards. This is due to the hormone norepinephrine, which increases your heart rate and blood pressure. Norepinephrine makes your inner engine buzz so that you can start your day powerfully. In addition, your body releases endorphins, which are also known as happiness hormones, under the cold shower. A cold shower therefore not only provides more power, but also puts you in a good mood!


Cold water in the early morning stimulates fat burning

That cold thermogenesis boosts fat burning sounds paradoxical at first. However, studies show that cold temperatures actually make you slim. So if you take a cold shower more often, you are doing something for your slim figure in the long term.

Our bodies are made up of white and brown fat cells that perform different tasks. Not all fat is the same. White fat cells make up the largest proportion in the human body. They are primarily used to store energy, which is why they are also responsible for obesity. Brown fat cells, on the other hand, do not store the energy - they release it in the form of heat. In principle, they can be compared to ovens: the colder the outside temperature, the more energy (fat) they have to consume to keep the body temperature constant. White fat cells can then even be converted into brown fat cells to provide more heat and to protect the body from death by cold.

However, this only happens when you take an ice bath. With an ice bath, your body temperature drops rapidly within a very short time. Your body tries to keep the temperature constant by stimulating the brown fat cells to release energy. If that's not enough, white fat cells will be burned to get more energy. However, you will not be able to achieve this effect with an occasional cold shower. The water is not very cold in order to cool the body as quickly as possible. However, a cold shower is always enough to harden them off.

By the way: If you want to lose weight in an ice bath, you have to use this method regularly. One application is by no means enough to burn fat in the long term.


Mental and physical fitness thanks to thermogenesis

Professional athletes lead the way when they regenerate in the ice bath after a hard training session or competition. Cold water therapy is used for faster recovery of stressed muscles in order to prevent unpleasant sore muscles. You will feel significantly fitter and more productive after an ice bath. If the ice bath is too extreme for you, you can stick with a cold shower.

Cold thermogenesis has one more positive effect: it strengthens the immune system. Why? Because the effect of cold mobilizes more white blood cells, which your body needs to fight viruses and bacteria.



Cold water increases physical and mental wellbeing, but the morning shower should not hurt. Instead of starting the cold thermogenesis extremely, you should slowly lower the water temperature so as not to unnecessarily shock your body. How cold the water ultimately is is up to you. The cold shower always has a positive effect.


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