Earthing and Grounding: How to Connect to Nature through Grounding

Earthing and Grounding: How to Connect to Nature through Grounding

With the help of grounding, people should reconnect more with nature. This is about discharging in contact with the earth. This can have positive effects on human health. Sounds interesting? In this article you will learn more about the advantages and uses of grounding and earthing.

Back to the roots? Rather, people used to be in harmony with nature. And even today there is many reasons why being close to nature is good for the mind and body. Electricity is probably not an idea that has crossed your mind yet.

Taking off your shoes and literally connecting with Mother Earth can have many health benefits. Sounds too simple to be true? In fact it is.

The phenomenon is also called grounding or earthhing, in German it is also known as grounding, and can bring you back to the natural rhythms of humans. According to smaller studies by scientists, the practice can support positive effects on inflammation and stress. Let's take a look at that.

man sitting on rock by the lake


Grounding: What Does Earthing Mean?

Grounding, also known as earthing, is one Technology that involves performing activities or using products that are designed to ground you and reconnect you to the earth when you make an electrical connection to the energies of the earth. That might sound a bit spiritual at first. But grounding is a science. But how does it work?

First of all, grounding refers to the direct skin contact with the earth's surface, e.g. B. with bare feet and hands or with different grounding systems. Subjective reports from people that walking barefoot on earth improves health and is a Feeling of well being should be found in the literature and in practices of different cultures from around the world.1


Mechanism of action: how does grounding work?

When you think about your school days, you may remember that everything, including humans, is made up of atoms. These microscopic particles contain the same number of negatively charged electrons (they come in pairs) and positively charged protons, so an atom is neutral - unless it loses an electron.

When an atom has an unpaired electron, it becomes a "free radical" with a positive charge that can damage our cells and contribute to chronic inflammation and other diseases. In this case, “positive” is not a good thing.

man stands at waterfall

One reason direct physical contact with the ground could have beneficial physiological effects is that the Earth's surface has a negative charge and is constantly generating electrons that neutralize free radicals and act as antioxidants could.

Of course, you can also eat a healthy and balanced diet by eating fruits and vegetables to absorb vitamins and minerals in the fight against free radicals. But the idea sounds very interestingthat we may also be able to get them directly from Earth.

The simplest form is to walk barefoot on floors, e.g. B. in grass, asphalt or sand. When we make contact with the earth barefoot, we discharge our excess energy and create a healing effect on a cellular level. If you want to be more technical, you can also use special grounding mats or other devices. But more on that later.


Grounding and Earthing: What Does Grounding Do?

The subject has not yet been researched very much, which is why there are only a very limited number of scientific studies. The youngest However, research results show a measurable improvement in inflammation, immune responses, wound healing and the prevention and treatment of chronic inflammatory diseases.

While the study is still very thin, some health professionals believe that the benefits of grounding therapy can simply be to regain yourself feel connected to nature. Regardless, there is little potential harm in using it.

woman stands on mountain and looks into the distance

Studies can report these benefits of grounding:

  • Chronic fatigue4
  • Chronic pain5
  • Anxiety and depression6
  • sleep disorders4
  • Cardiovascular disease7
  • Balance of cortisol levels9

    Many of the studies are still small, so more research is needed in the area. The results of the studies so far look promising, we are now taking a closer look at them.


    Reduce inflammation

    A research report suggests that the earth is a living matrix with a central connection to all living cells. This matrix is ​​held together by electrical conductivity, which acts as a defense of the immune system (similar to antioxidants). The body restores its natural defenses by connecting with the earth.1


    woman stands in the middle of the forest

    Positive effects on heart health

    One small study looked at the effects of grounding on people's heart health. Ten healthy volunteers also had earthing plasters on their hands and feet. The changes in the blood flow of the red blood cells were measured.

    The result showed one sharp decrease in the clumping of blood cells after grounding. This indicates a positive contribution to heart health.2


    Accelerate healing process and relieve pain

    Researchers also looked at the pain relieving abilities of grounding. When using special patches and mats, they studied the effects on muscle damage after exercise.

    The creatine kinase (important for the supply of energy in the muscles), the number of white blood cells and the pain level were measured before and after the grounding. The blood analysis showed that Reduced muscle damage and pain could be and thus one positive influence on the body during the healing process are.3

    man stands on mountain and looks into the distance


    Effect on mood

    Another recent study looked at the pain relieving and mood enhancing properties of earthing. This study looked at 16 massage therapists who alternated between periods of grounding and pause of grounding.

    Due to the physically demanding work, they had all complained of chronic pain and physical and emotional stress. After receiving earthing therapy all participants reported a decrease in pain, stress, and depression and fatigue.4

    If you'd like to learn more about how you can improve your mood and well-being, learn how to naturally increase your serotonin levels with food.


    Balance of cortisol levels

    A study was published in the Journal of European Biology and Bioelectromagnetics in 2006 examining the patterns of cortisol balance in patients. The researchers found that After grounding the cortisol level back more in equilibrium was.

    So if you ground yourself before going to sleep, the body will be better able to deal with stress and the stress hormone Cortisol break down better, which has a positive effect on your regeneration. Those who relax optimally at night are also less stressed in everyday life.9

    woman sits on rock and looks into the distance


    Earthing and Grounding: How Can I Ground Myself?

    Experience and measurements show that earhing, i.e. constant contact with the earth, can bring lasting benefits that support your body. There are many types of grounding. However, all are focused on reconnecting with the earth. This can either through direct or indirect contact with the earth respectively.

    This is how you can ground yourself:

    • Walk barefoot
    • lying on the floor
    • immerse in water
    • Use grounding products

    As a beginner, you can start grounding your body with a few minutes a day or on certain days of the week. Then you can improve depending on how much time you have in everyday life, for example for walks. Aim in about 30 minutes in which you z. B. walking with bare feet through the grass.

    woman is with bare feet on earth


    Walk barefoot

    When was the last time you walked barefoot through green grass and felt the tickling in your feet? This way is the most likely easiest way to ground yourselfRegardless of whether it is grass, sand or even mud: When your skin touches the natural surface of the earth, you get earth energy.

    Make sure, however, that you keep your eyes open for stray stones or other injurious particles such as broken glass.


    Lying on the floor

    You can improve your skin contact with the earth by lying on the ground,  or on the Grass in the park or in the sand on the beach. You can also move your next yoga session outside on the floor instead of using a mat.

    be in the water with your feet 


    Immerse in water

    It can also Water can be used for grounding. You can walk along the shore with your feet or swim in the sea. Feel the cool water, soft sand, and even slimy rocks or slippery river stones to feel more connected to the earth.


    Use grounding products

    There are also various grounding products that allow frequent contact with the ground, e.g. B. when sleeping, when you are sitting at the computer or when you are outdoors.

    These are simple control systems in the form of

    • Sheets
    • Sleeping bag
    • Mats
    • Wrist or ankle straps
    • Pflaster
    • Shoes

    The products are connected to earth via a cable that is inserted into an earthed wall socket or attached to an earth rod and is located outside a window in the floor.

    fruits on a picnic blanket on the floor


    Sheet and sleeping bag

    The sheet or sleeping bag for the grounding are suitable for optimal application while you sleep. If you don't want to do without it while traveling or visiting, it is best to use a sleeping bag.

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    Even at work or when you relax on the sofa, you don't have to do without a grounding. Here are very suitable special mats that you can use with your bare feet can be used while sitting, at the desk, while watching TV, etc. It is also available as a desk pad, where you can put your bare upper arms or hands on.


    Wrist and ankle straps

    Ribbons are an inexpensive and convenient way to take advantage of being connected to earth. You can use these well in everyday life but also when sleeping.



    Self-adhesive plasters are suitable for the direct earthing of certain parts of the body. Due to the positive effects on inflammation and pain these can be applied specifically to the pain point for this purpose.

     woman with barefoot shoes


    When using the special shoe, a conductive plug positioned in the sole of the foot on the ball of the foot under the metatarsal bones. In addition to special shoes, there are also flexible straps with which almost all shoes or sandals can be converted to fit for grounding. You are grounded when you are on a conductive surface such as grass, earth, sand or concrete.


    Earthing: What do I have to consider when grounding?

    The methods performed in nature are considered safe. Here you should only run barefoot make sure that you do not step on any injurious parts or watch out for currents in the water.

    However, if grounding sticks, mats or similar products are used, the Risk of electric shock . there That's why you should be here when using be careful and follow all instructions for the productso as not to get swept by the electricity.

    In addition, conditions such as chronic fatigue, pain, and anxiety can have medical causes that should be addressed. Always see a doctor first to clarify symptoms before relying on grounding as the first line of treatment.

    man stands at waterfall



    With grounding, earthing or grounding, you turn one Technology that focuses on Realign your electrical energy by reconnecting to the earth and absorbing its electronsto feel grounded. KLess studies have reported benefits for inflammation, pain, and mood.

    There are many methods that you can use, such as going barefoot, lying on the floor, or getting in contact with water. If going outside to ground yourself is not an option, there are also grounding products such as sheets and sleeping bags that e.g. B. can be used in sleep. Another idea would be straps that attach to the sole of the foot.

    Previous research has already shown positive results, but here is more research needed. But since the application is very safe, it is definitely worth trying one or the other method.


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    [9] Oschman & publication_year = 2006


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