Increase testosterone levels

Increase testosterone levels: this is how it works naturally

As is so often the case, the right level of testosterone is important. Just pushing testosterone levels as high as possible doesn't help. On the contrary. Too high a testosterone level is just as harmful as a lack of testosterone. That's why we're going to tell you how to naturally optimize your testosterone level.

Testosterone & Myths - What's Really True?

Testosterone is regarded as the male hormone that makes you aggressive, provides plenty of muscle mass and promotes hair loss. However, testosterone is not a pure male hormone and it does not necessarily make you aggressive. Testosterone alone is not responsible for hair loss either. However, it is significantly involved in building muscle.

Why is testosterone not just a male hormone?

Women, like men, produce their own testosterone, but to a lesser extent. Nevertheless, testosterone fulfills important functions in both female and male bodies. In men, the supposedly female hormones play a very important role.

Progesterone is the precursor to testosterone and testosterone is, in turn, the precursor to estrogen. The starting material is cholesterol. Testosterone only achieves the full testosterone effect in combination with estrogen and its secondary product 5-alpha-dihydrotestosterone (5-alpha-DHT). Almost all organs in a man have receptors for estrogen. For example, both high testosterone and estrogen concentrations within the testes are essential for the sperm to mature.

What influence does testosterone have on aggressiveness?

Testosterone does not necessarily lead to aggressive behavior. However, there is definitely a connection, especially in combination with the stress hormone Cortisol. This relationship seems to be quite complicated and is the subject of current research. Factors like the individual psyche may play a bigger role.1

How are testosterone and hair loss related?

Testosterone itself is not responsible for hair loss in men. The secondary product of testosterone, 5-alpha-DHT, acts on the hair roots. With a corresponding genetic predisposition, the hair roots are particularly sensitive to DHT and shrink. The hair then falls out.

To prevent this from happening, the conversion of testosterone to DHT must be suppressed. Medicines can do this by blocking the corresponding enzyme. However, the hair must not have fallen out yet, otherwise it will be too late.

When does testosterone actually build muscle?

Testosterone ensures muscle growth and fat loss. At least that's true if the testosterone level is in the right range. Too little and too much testosterone is bad for the muscles and promotes the formation of fat deposits.

Testosterone muscle building

Where is testosterone produced?

The Leydig cells of the testes produce the majority of testosterone in men. The adrenal glands of men and women also synthesize testosterone like the ovaries of women, albeit in much smaller amounts.

Testosterone levels fluctuate with the time of day. Testosterone levels in the morning are 20 to 40 percent higher than in the evening. Men produce less testosterone from the age of 40. In women, testosterone levels decrease with menopause.

What does testosterone do in your body?

Testosterone stimulates protein synthesis and thus muscle building. Testosterone also strengthens bone formation, affects the brain, skin and body hair and increases the number of red blood cells. This allows your body to be better supplied with oxygen.

In the brain, testosterone acts on the hypothalamus and the limbic system, which is responsible for emotions and social behavior. Testosterone also has an impact on sex drive and aggressive behavior. It can act directly on certain cells such as nerve cells, but has to be converted into 5-alpha-DHT in some other target cells. 5-alpha-DHT acts on the hair and the sebum glands of the skin.

What happens with a testosterone deficiency?

A testosterone deficiency can have far more far-reaching consequences than making it more difficult to build up muscles and the increased tendency to create fat deposits. In addition to sexual aversion and erectile dysfunction, the symptoms of a testosterone deficiency include sleep disorders and poor performance. Cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and depression are also possible effects.

A problem of testosterone deficiency that should not be underestimated is its effect on the brain and mood. A pronounced deficiency can even lead to depression. Researchers suspect that this is due to the influence of testosterone on the serotonin balance.2 After all, serotonin is considered a feel-good and happiness hormone. Optimizing your testosterone level helps both your physical and mental performance.

Boost testosterone

How can you naturally increase your testosterone levels?

Certain situations cause your testosterone levels to rise naturally. This includes Sex, a sporting success like a competition victory or aggressive situations like an argument. Stress, on the other hand, lowers your testosterone levels. Therefore, you should avoid stress as much as possible if you want to increase your testosterone levels.

What does the perfect testosterone level look like?

Interestingly, the symptoms of testosterone deficiency and excess testosterone are similar. It is therefore very important that your testosterone level is in the ideal range. For example, according to scientists, the risk of cardiovascular disease is lower when testosterone levels are neither too low nor too high.3

The best way to achieve the perfect testosterone level is naturally. Because certain feedback mechanisms in your body prevent overproduction of testosterone. However, you have to create an optimal starting position for your body so that it can produce the correct amount of testosterone and is not undersupplied.

How can exercise optimize your testosterone levels?

According to studies, particularly intense and short strength exercises are supposed to increase the testosterone release.4 Any form of training that challenges your muscles briefly and intensively increases your testosterone level naturally. So strenuous sprints should be more suitable than moderate endurance sports.

There is even scientific evidence that such intense exercise can increase the number of testosterone receptors on muscle cells.5 With an increased number of receptors, testosterone molecules have more docking sites available, which makes the effect of testosterone stronger.

Why is sleep important for your testosterone levels?

Bad and inadequate sleep has a negative effect on your testosterone balance. Scientists found that testosterone levels increase the longer you sleep.6 Only after more than an average of 9 hours of sleep did the testosterone levels drop again. If you have sleep problems, you should try to defeat them for the benefit of your testosterone balance. Relaxing and calming supplements can help you with this.

Increase testosterone through sleep

Which foods can support your natural testosterone production?

Pumpkin seeds are said to have a positive effect because they have a high zinc content. Because the trace element zinc plays an important role in the testosterone balance. Although it cannot directly increase testosterone levels according to studies7, but provide your body with the basic requirements for a functioning testosterone balance. In addition, garlic is said to have a positive effect on the testosterone balance.8

How does vitamin D help with a testosterone deficiency?

Researchers found that taking vitamin D as a supplement can boost testosterone levels.9 Other scientists also confirm a clear connection between the vitamin D balance and testosterone level.10

In order to provide your body with the optimal conditions for a good testosterone level, you should therefore ensure that you have an adequate vitamin D supply. You can achieve this from May to September if you spend 10 to 30 minutes in the fresh air every day. Your body then uses the UVB radiation in sunlight to produce its own vitamin D and can store it for the dark season. However, if you don't get outside often enough, your vitamin D balance could be shaken. Especially in the winter months, vitamin D can become scarce, which can even lead to it Winter depression can lead. But since sunscreens also prevent the natural vitamin D production of your skin, a vitamin D deficiency can exist even in the summer months. In such cases, vitamin D supplements can help.

What are the side effects of too much testosterone?

Excessive testosterone levels can cause serious problems. The first signs can be mood swings, difficulty concentrating, abnormal sensations and depression. Cardiovascular diseases, an increased risk of stroke and cancer and a weakening of the immune system can also develop. Like you yours strengthen your immune system can or how mood You will find out how to improve your well-being at the Academy.

However, these dangers are only relevant if you are taking synthetic testosterone preparations or if you have a corresponding disease such as a testicular or adrenal tumor. The natural methods of increasing testosterone levels, on the other hand, are harmless.

Why is testosterone not a good idea as a supplement?

Testosterone supplements carry the risk of driving up testosterone levels and causing serious side effects. Therefore, the sale of testosterone or related anabolic steroids without a doctor's prescription is prohibited in this country. Illegally offered testosterone preparations are also often contaminated and do not necessarily contain the specified amount of testosterone.

If, however, there is a pathological testosterone deficiency, taking testosterone preparations on medical advice can be quite useful and necessary.

Side effects from too much testosterone

How does high dose testosterone influence natural synthesis?

The body's own testosterone synthesis continues to decrease and can even be stopped completely. As a result, the testicles shrink or even atrophy because the body no longer needs the testosterone-producing Leydig cells. At the same time, the testes produce less mature sperm cells, so that fertility can be lost.

In addition, the body increasingly converts testosterone into estrogen. This changes the male body and becomes more feminine. This can lead to clearly visible growth of breast tissue. The fact that the female body is becoming more masculine, however, is hardly surprising.

What effects do testosterone supplements have on the cardiovascular system?

The intake of artificial testosterone preparations has a direct effect on the pumping capacity of the heart. This becomes clear from a scientific study with weightlifters who have been taking testosterone supplements for a long time.11 71 percent of these subjects showed a reduced pumping capacity.

Since testosterone is made from cholesterol, taking testosterone supplements also affects the cholesterol balance. By taking testosterone supplements, the body converts less cholesterol into testosterone itself. As a result, cholesterol levels rise. In addition, the proportion of "good" HDL decreases, while LDL and triglycerides increase. These changes in the cholesterol balance promote atherosclerosis and thus increase the risk of heart attacks and strokes. Scientists recognized a clear connection between the extent of atherosclerosis and the testosterone dose taken.11

Synthetic testosterone supplements can also have negative effects on the blood. On the one hand, they can weaken the immune system and, on the other hand, they can stimulate the formation of red blood cells so strongly that the blood becomes thicker. This can cause the blood to clump and thrombosis, which in turn can lead to stroke, heart attack or pulmonary embolism.

How does too much testosterone change the external appearance?

Overproduction of sebum causes blemished skin, which can lead to severe acne. In addition, facial features and body hair change. The body hair increases considerably, while the main hair can fall out prematurely with a genetic predisposition.

Even overweight can result from increased fat and water retention. You can see again very clearly that only optimal testosterone values ​​are beneficial for building muscle with simultaneous fat loss.


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