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We're constantly overstimulated in this digital age. And bombarded with stressors in every area of our lives. If we want to perform at our peak during the day and recover our tired bodies at night, we need the right nutrients. That's our specialty: crafting superior-quality supplements that fuel peak performance for the challenges of daily life.

Want to perform like a champ?

of human health & performance

Quality Promise

When it comes to your health and safety,

we insist on top-quality ingredients.

Formulation development

All our supplements are research-based.

Selection of raw materials

Sustainably cultivated and all-natural

Gentle extraction

Without the use of chemicals.

For quality you can feel.

Made in Germany

Under the highest-possible quality standards

quality control

Tested by external laboratories

The best possible product

Uncompromising security.

Naturalness and functionality.


Good for you.

Good for the planet.


Good for you.

Good for the planet.

We believe our health depends on the health of our planet. We can stay healthy in the long-term and reach our true potential only if our planet is healthy. That's why in our product production, we ensure our process is environmentally friendly.

We use climate-neutral shipping with DHL and avoid plastic and composite materials as much as possible. In order to reduce our ecological footprint even further, we like to go the extra mile. For our new packaging, we are using more sustainable paper tubes with a SiOx coating, which can be 100% disposed of in the paper bin.

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ahead Team Team ahead

The ahead Culture

At ahead, we live and work according to our philosophy of continuous improvement. Here's what we have in common here: We all want to make a difference ... We motivate each other and grow together (and an important part of that is having fun at work) ... And we work hard for our goals and like to go the extra mile. But we don't define ourselves by how much time we spend in the office. Instead, we strive for great results and real impact. For this, we're willing to go down roads no one's traveled before. Want to join us?

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Founders' story

How it all started.

A success story.

Philip und Johannes, Gründer von ahead
Founders' story

How it all started.

A success story.

As military officers, our founders Philip and Johannes were forced to function under extreme physical and mental stress. Their aim was to stay physically and mentally productive over long periods ... keep a cool head in stressful situations ... and recover fully, even in short breaks. In the process, they learned that Pareto's famous 80/20 rule also applies to human performance. To be in top form through all phases of the day, two things are particularly important: effective daily routines -- and the nutrients we put into our bodies. After their service, the founders followed their passion and founded ahead. The PPR concept, consisting of performance nutrition and biohacking routines, is already being used successfully by over 50.000 people.



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