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Quality & Security

Our quality differences

We have ahead® was founded because we were looking for healthy, performance-enhancing products for ourselves in a quality that no manufacturer could provide. We are convinced: Quality knows no compromises. For this reason, we develop our own innovative products that unconditionally aim to raise your physical and mental performance to a new level: ahead® | smart nutrition. 

ahead® standards

In order to be able to guarantee the highest possible quality standards, we work together with independent specialists in development and manufacturing processes. In the development of our products, we use the know-how and experience of experts in ecotrophology (nutritional science) and medicine. When selecting the ingredients, we rely on natural nutrients and plant extracts, the functionality of which has been confirmed several times by scientific studies. We also do not use any form of artificial additives. This also applies to our capsule products, which are encapsulated with a vegetable shell made of HPMC cellulose.

In principle, our products are free from:

  • artificial flavorings
  • artificial colors
  • artificial binders and separating agents (such as magnesium stearate)
  • artificial preservatives
  • artificial fillers

When purchasing raw materials, the focus is on the highest quality and ecological sustainability. Our products are produced exclusively in Germany and are subjected to extensive quality control with regard to effectiveness and tolerance.

Our products are manufactured according to the highest quality standards:

ISO 22000

ISO 22000 is the internationally recognized standard for management systems in the food industry. With this certification, the quality and safety of the products can be guaranteed along the entire production chain. First of all, the primary producer of the raw materials is recorded in a system. The quality controls ensure that the raw materials have the promised quality. For this purpose, characteristics such as purity, allergens, ingredients, organic and vegan are checked. The transport companies and the entire supply chain are also monitored. Transport and storage conditions are selected according to the requirements and verified in a comprehensible manner. If at any point in the manufacturing process the quality of the production cannot be guaranteed, automatic alarm systems come in to stop production. When the end product is finished, the origin and quality of each individual capsule can be traced.

GMP Logo


GMP is an important concept in the production of dietary supplements. It stands for "Good Manufacturing Practice", or translated into German as "Die gute Manufacturingpraxis". GMP prescribes rules that must be adhered to in the manufacture of dietary supplements. The influence of the GMP guideline extends over the system of quality assurance, the requirements for the personnel and the equipment, as well as over production and quality control. Compliance is checked by inspections, after which the production of the dietary supplements is approved. GMP stipulates that the requirements of manufacturing practice are not only controlled on a random basis, but rather continuously. For this reason, the responsible company must operate its own quality assurance department. Independent of other departments, this enables uncompromising fulfillment of the quality criteria. Quality and safety can only be protected at a high level if responsibilities are clearly assigned. The employee responsible for this area must therefore be professionally qualified. He bears full responsibility and, if necessary, is personally liable for fulfilling his duty to monitor the manufactured products. Ensuring and checking the hygiene requirements for staff are an example of his area of ​​responsibility.