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25 product highlights for pure happiness

Limited Bestseller Box

Limited Bestseller Box

✅ 24 products plus 1 novelty
✅ Perfect for giving as a gift, snacking on or enjoying yourself
✅ Healthy, low-sugar alternatives for every taste
✅ Chocolate creams, bars, soft cookies and fruit gums

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25 product highlights

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  • 1x Crazy Hazel
  • 1x Crazy Hazel White

  • 2x Salted Peanut Caramel chocolate bars
  • 2x Hazelnut Cacao chocolate bars
  • 2x Coconut Almond chocolate bars

  • 2x Nut Bar Cashew Pretzel
  • 2x Coconut Almond nut bars

  • 2x protein bars Hazelnut Nougat
  • 2x Protein Bar Cookies & Cream
  • 2x Coconut Almond protein bars
  • 2x Protein Bar Fudge Brownie (NEW!)

  • 1x Soft Cookies Double Choco

  • 1x Gummies Fluffy Hearts
  • 1x Gummies Sour Cola
  • 2x Gummies Sweet Cherries
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Happiness now comes in a box without sugar shock - with Super Special

You only deserve the best of the best - that's why we've packed the most popular bestsellers in a box for you. Get this varied selection quickly before the limited edition is gone again. Get the two Crazy Hazel spreads, the new Double Chocolate Soft Cookie, various fruit gummies, protein, chocolate and nut bars. Including the new Fudge Brownie protein bar, which is only available as a special in this box. For even more happiness there is a free greeting card included. Sweet! Give this to yourself, your loved ones or your mom on Mother's Day. As a reduced-sugar alternative to normal pralines with a full taste. Get 16 different products in one package and find out why everyone loves these favorites.

Little sugar

With full taste

All bestsellers in one box

Tasty favorites to enjoy

Better ingredients

Your alternative to traditional snacks

Including Super Special 

Unreleased, chocolaty new product

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