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sharp mind

93 Reviews

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sharp mind

93 Reviews

sharp mind

93 Reviews

Ingredients backed by research

With Citicoline Cognizin® and Phosphatidylserine

Enhanced concentration

With vitamin B5 for focus and cognitive performance

Completely caffeine-free

No stimulants, no crashes

Natural & vegan

Carefully selected raw materials, carefully processed

Made in Germany

Under the highest possible quality standards (GMP & ISO 22000)

"In my daily routine, I want to be able to rely on a clear head. That makes SHARP MIND my favorite product."

Jens Pippig, former CEO of SevenVentures & ProSiebenSat.1 Accelerator


Your future depends on
your focus.¹

Your future is determined by your ability to focus on the most important tasks you could be doing at any given moment. Imagine all you could achieve if you were mentally sharp day to day, hour by hour. But many of us in this distracting day and age have a "monkey mind" that jumps from one thing to the next.

Say goodbye to "monkey mind." SHARP MIND focus supplement reliably supports your attention and cognitive performance with pantothenic acid. Thanks to B12, SHARP MIND combats mental fatigue, so you don't have to rely on caffeine to get on with your daily tasks ... which means, no caffeine crash later in the day.

Supports concentration

Natural support with pantothenic acid for focus and cognitive performance, so you can perform your best work

Promotes thinking powers

Works reliably with vitamin B5 to support attention and memory

Combats mental fatigue

Works with B12 to ward off tiredness and fatigue (get back that "pep in your step" you had when you were younger)

ahead Sharp Mind Taking

Your future depends on
your focus.¹

Our ingredients

Naturalness and functionality.

Without compromises.

Sharp Mind Ingredient CDP Cholin
Citicoline Cognizin® (CDP Choline)

Choline is a building material for the important neurotransmitter acetylcholine, which is responsible for signal transmission in the brain.

Sharp Mind Ingredient Phosphatidylserin

is an essential lipid compound of the cell membranes in the brain. As an important regulator, phosphatidylserine is involved in the exchange of information between brain cells.

Sharp Mind Ingredient Bacopa Monnieri (Brahmi)
Bacopa Monnieri (Brahmi)

contains a lot of beneficial bacosides. The active ingredient bacoside A in particular is the focus of numerous scientific studies.

Sharp Mind Ingredient Acetyl-L-Carnitin (ALCAR)
Acetyl-L-Carnitine (ALCAR)

can cross the blood-brain barrier and work in the brain. Carnitine plays a crucial role in the fat metabolism of the mitochondria, which provide the body with energy.




No artificial additives

External laboratory tested



No magnesium stearate

No preservatives

Deep dive

Works the very first time you take it.

In everyday life ... in sports, college, the office .... your mental state determines whether you'll achieve your goals. In order for your brain to perform its many complex functions, it needs an optimal supply of energy and micronutrients. SHARP MIND provides you natural support for mental concentration and memory performance with pantothenic acid and combats mental fatigue with cobalamines. SHARP MIND focus supplement works with the very first use--we vouch for this with our money-back guarantee.


You buy a refill pack

We plant a tree

We reduce packaging waste to a minimum. For every refill pack sold, we plant a tree and thus support the international reforestation projects of our partner Eden Reforestation Projects.

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We plant a tree

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Subscriptions can be canceled without commitment and at any time. Subsequent deliveries are sent as refill bags.

ahead SHARP MIND Refill concept
What experts say

Tested by professionals.

Fully trusted.

Dr. Jens Pippig ahead Testimonial
Dr. Jens Pippig, former CEO ProSiebenSat.1 Accelerator

"In my daily routine, I want to be able to rely on a clear head. Even after short nights and stressful days, it is important to make well-thought-out decisions SHARP MIND to my favorite product. "

Daria Sharp Mind Testimonial
Daria Wrona, law student

“In preparation for my law exams, I have to motivate myself to learn anew every day and it is difficult to avoid a lack of concentration. SHARP MIND with B5 is my little helper in the study flow that I can always rely on - even when it comes to the unpopular topics. "

Moritz Fiebig Sharp Mind Testimonial
Moritz Fiebig, Crossfit athlete & nutritionist

"My everyday life often consists of long working days with several customer appointments and two training units. As a competitive athlete, I enjoy 100% performance in training, as well as in Coaching extremely important and SHARP MIND is a reliable companion to me, especially on such days. "


Any Questions? 

We have answers.

Why is there no caffeine?

We've avoided any form of stimulant ingredients, as these not only disrupt sleep but can also cause unpleasant side effects such as high blood pressure, tremors, nervousness and loss of fine motor skills. SHARP MIND is therefore also suitable for study and work units in the late afternoon or evening. Would you like an additional energy boost? Then enjoy SHARP MIND with a BULLET coffee or caffeine source of your choice. 

Do I get my money back if I am not satisfied?

100%. We stand by our products. If you're dissatisfied for any reason ... or no reason at all ... contact us. We'll refund your money and work to fix the problem.

Do you get your ingredients regionally?

We source our ingredients from sustainable cultivation worldwide. We choose the place of origin based on where we get the best quality of the raw material. We're always looking for better local options. If you have a tip, we look forward to your message.

How does my subscription work?

Before we debit the monthly amount, you'll receive an email confirming your next delivery. You can postpone or cancel your next delivery at any time in your account. We want to deliver only as much as you need.

60 days "no questions asked" money-back guarantee

Your nutrition is a matter of trust.
There's no risk for you.

ahead Money Back Guarantee
60 days "no questions asked" money-back guarantee

Your nutrition is a matter of trust.
There's no risk for you.

Test our products for up to 60 days. If you're dissatisfied for any reason ... or no reason at all ... you'll be refunded the full amount. That's how much we believe in our product. 
You can find out more about our guarantee promise here..

What our customers say


Customer Reviews
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Germany Germany
Really works! Am thrilled.

I am super satisfied! I take sharp-mind and can concentrate longer and don't get tired that quickly!

Germany Germany

It helped me focus. thanks

ramy a.
Germany Germany

yes I like it

Ramona L.
Germany Germany
Super concentrated work

I'm excited. Can do tasks with great concentration. Absolute recommendation

Ramona L.
Germany Germany
Great concentration

I love the product. This allows me to concentrate really well and to work excellently at work

The perfect match

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