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ahead is your secret weapon for all phases of your day

With a combination of research-based supplements and easy-to-implement biohacking routines, we support you in achieving your performance and health goals.


to conquer

Kick-start your morning and experience boundless energy for the day ahead.

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beyond your limits

Accomplish your most focused, intensive work -- whether in the gym or at the office.

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for the next challenge

Leave the stress of everyday life behind and experience restful, restoring sleep.

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Full of pleasure.
90% less sugar *.

The ACHIEVE Bar tastes like a real chocolate bar. Just without the guilty conscience after snacking.

€ 22.90


What our

Customers say

I am enthusiastic about the effect of the products from Ahead, really as described, I notice a significant improvement Sharp Mind.

Star Star Star Star Star

Peter G. | Verified buyer

What our

Customers say

In the evenings after training I was always very upset, which made it difficult to fall asleep. With DEEP SLEEP I have found a natural and effective method with which I fall asleep faster (with melatonin *) (which is also very student-friendly in terms of price!) * editorially added

Star Star Star Star Star

Jannik E. | Verified buyer

What our

Customers say

Basis is a well thought-out combination product! Omega 3 in combination with vitamin D and K, which are all fat-soluble and fit perfectly into the product. Supplemented by Astaxantin, a very potent active ingredient, the supplement is a very good all-rounder. The peppermint oil rounds off the whole product because the typical fish belching is no longer necessary

Star Star Star Star Star

Djawad S. | Verified buyer

What our

Customers say

Bright Mood is a very helpful companion in my everyday life. I have been taking it for about 3 weeks and feel more vital overall and have a much better feeling. I also believe that I am more relaxed and have to be less angry :)

Star Star Star Star Star

Lea G. | Verified buyer

Overall rating: very good 4.70 / 5.00
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