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achieve bar

73 Reviews

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achieve bar

73 Reviews

achieve bar

73 Reviews

Natural ingredients that taste great

Real taste from real ingredients

Clean Energy

Sustainable energy MCTs


Healthy fats instead of a sugar bomb

Snack without regrets

Only 1,9g sugar and 6g net carbs

Made in Austria

Under the highest possible quality standards (GMP & ISO 22000)

“I've never eaten something so good and healthy. It tastes like a mixture of Snickers and Bounty!"

Lisa Gassler, athlete & food lover

Energy for your goals

Full of pleasure.
90% less sugar.

The ACHIEVE Bar does what nobody has done before. It tastes like a real chocolate bar - chocolatey, sweet and sinful. But it won't let your sugar levels shoot through the roof. Instead, our keto bar provides sustainable energy from healthy MCT fats. With no added sugar and no regrets after snacking. Delicious coconut flakes with crunchy cocoa, creamy cocoa butter, sugar-free caramel cream and a pinch of sea salt ensure the irresistible taste and a crunchy crunch. Natural, functional and damn tasty (REALLY. Check out the reviews below!).

Irresistibly delicious

Healthy doesn't have to taste healthy. Never before has a low-carb bar tasted so delicious.

Clean Energy

Our keto-friendly energy bar provides sustainable energy from healthy fats. Without a sugar crash and without a guilty conscience.


This is possible due to the mixture of the sugar substitutes erythritol and malitol. ACHIEVE Bar has only 6g of net carbs.

Only 1,9g of sugar

The ACHIEVE Bar has no added sugar. And there's less than 2g sugar (from natural ingredients) per bar! This is a keto eater's dream bar.

achieve Keto bars are shared.
Energy for your goals

Full of pleasure.
90% less sugar.

Our ingredients

Real taste.

Made from real ingredients.

Coconut flakes

cocoa nibs


Sugar-free caramel



No artificial additives

Laboratory tested quality

Without artificial flavors

What experts say

Tested by professionals.

Fully trusted.

Lisa Gassler, calisthenics athlete

“I've never eaten something so good and healthy. It tastes like a mix of Snickers and Bounty. "

Stephanie Bahr, IT consultant and athlete

The best bar in the world. There are really a lot of energy bars, but none that tastes as good as that of ahead!

Larissa Eversmann, alternative practitioner and model

A really healthy bar with only 1,9g of sugar and it tastes so delicious and smells like coconut.


Any Questions?

We have answers.

Is the ACHIEVE Bar low carb?

Yep! The ACHIEVE Bar contains up to 80% less net carbohydrates and up to 95% less sugar than common chocolate bars. And we don't use any added sugar 100%. The sugar substitutes maltitol and erythritol have to be labeled as carbohydrates but are only partially metabolized. So we only have 6g net carbs.

Do I get my money back if I am not satisfied?

100%. We stand by our products. If you're dissatisfied for any reason ... or no reason at all ... contact us. We'll refund your money and work to fix the problem.

Do you get your ingredients regionally?

We source our ingredients from sustainable cultivation worldwide. We choose the place of origin based on where we get the best quality of the raw material. We're always looking for better local options. If you have a tip, we look forward to your message.

How does my subscription work?

Before we debit the monthly amount, you'll receive an email confirming your next delivery. You can postpone or cancel your next delivery at any time in your account. We want to deliver only as much as you need.

60 days "no questions asked" money-back guarantee

Your nutrition is a matter of trust.
There's no risk for you.

ahead Money Back Guarantee
60 days "no questions asked" money-back guarantee

Your nutrition is a matter of trust.
There's no risk for you.

Test our products for up to 60 days. If you're dissatisfied for any reason ... or no reason at all ... you'll be refunded the full amount. That's how much we believe in our product. 
You can find out more about our guarantee promise here.

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Customer Reviews
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David K.
Germany Germany
Top products

Overall very satisfied with the quality, customer service and bonus program. We'd be happy to come back soon. But there is still enough stock.

Top bars

I love these bars and the diet with bars is genetically determined for me. Therefore, I have many years of diverse experience, more of a scientifically based expertise ... So THE bar could become my new favorite

Martina S.
Austria Austria
Sehr lecker

This bar is really delicious. It would be even better if it had more protein, e.g. 10 g

Germany Germany
Finally a bar that tastes super delicious

Snacking without a guilty conscience, but the taste is even better! It almost tastes like a bounty and it even goes with it Achieve healthy! Best bar so far from Ahead!

Germany Germany
the best snack bar

At first I didn't want to believe the words “the bar tastes sensational” ... too often I was disappointed and spent my money unnecessarily. What made me do it? I suspect the strong marketing concept (even I became weak as a marketing expert). I can only say: I am pleasantly surprised, because the bar tastes really good. I won't get around a bar subscription anymore.

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