Small amounts of sugar are harmless. However, excessive consumption of sugar upsets the delicate balance of Intestinal flora messed up and causes one weakening of immune functions of the body, one Accelerating the aging process and a deterioration of the complexion and our Basic mood. Constant cravings are also the result of excessive sugar consumption - a vicious circle is created.

How much sugar is too much?

The World Health Organization (WHO) recommends no more than 25g of sugar per day – at the same time, sugar consumption, fueled year after year by the sugar industry with many billions of euros and dollars in advertising, has increased drastically. You can make a lot of money with sugar. In the last fifty years, sugar consumption has tripled worldwide. The average Germans already consume 100g of sugar per day, Ascending trend.

Everything for better nutrition

Do you want to reduce unhealthy sugar, but don't feel like giving up enjoyment and quality of life? Then you are like us. At ahead we're reinventing your favorite snacks and drinks with healthy sugar alternatives that don't affect your metabolism and still bring back your sweetest childhood memories.


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Taste is our top priority. After all, what good is a snack that doesn't taste good? Like it or your money back.

Free from junk

Packed with nutrients that your body really needs: vitamins, proteins, fiber, good fats.

Good to the planet

Short transport routes, recyclable packaging, long shelf life - already on the way to climate neutrality today.

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Healthy eating shouldn't cost the earth. We ensure efficient supply chains - at your price advantage.

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Philip and Johannes are the minds behind ahead. Two foodies with a great passion for everything that tastes good - and an even bigger vision for the future.

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